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Make Inferences and Draw Conclusions About Ideas and Organiz

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Amanda Crozier

on 22 January 2014

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Transcript of Make Inferences and Draw Conclusions About Ideas and Organiz

Organization: Chronological Order
Writers cannot include absolutely every bit of information in what they write.
Instead they include enough information to help readers draw conclusions.
An inference is a decision reached by combining information you read with what you already know.
A conclusion is more dependent on what you read.
You gather information and add together the facts and details in the selection to draw a conclusion.
Organization: Cause and Effect
Shows what happens and why it happens-
In the following clip, Lilo explains why she's late.
Comparison and Contrast
Shows similarities and differences-
Miley Cyrus THEN vs. NOW
Problem and Solution
Presents a problem and its solution
Make Inferences and Draw Conclusions About Ideas and Organizational Patterns in Expository Text
What can we infer about Minions in the following clip?
What can we conclude is happening in the following video?
Presents the information or events in sequence or the order in which they happen-

The Pentatonix give us the evolution of music.
What is the problem in this clip? What is the solution?
Order of Importance
Starts with the most important point and ends with the least important or vice versa-
Uncle Si teaches the important steps in the game of golf.
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