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Ancient Aliens

No description


on 25 March 2014

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Transcript of Ancient Aliens

Ancient Aliens
The course of human civilization has been influenced by extra-terrestrial visitors.
Jezebel Aleman
Period 2
Prior to watching the Ancient Alien episode I had no opinion on whether aliens were real or not.However the construction of Ancient objects and architecture was interesting and I wondered on how the ancient architects were able to build such magnificent creations. I always believed they were just intelligent and able to create fine tools that would help them construct these massive pieces of stone. I didn't really think of the possibility that aliens may have help out society evolve and produce such great architectural feats .
The evidence I chose to scrutinize was Megalithic Construction and Precision Work. These pieces of evidence are the most plausible and make me assume that aliens have helped us in some ways.
Megalithic Construction covered the sorts of architecture that was created in ancient times , some almost impossible for us to create today even with our modern technology. Structures built with big stones were Megalithic.

Megalithic Structures

Giza Pyramids of Egypt
Manchu Picchu
Puma Punku
Easter Island

These amazing structures and more are perhaps creations that had the help of extraterrestrial life. It is a mystery on how they where able to build such large structures in barren areas where there were no resources of stone and rock. How would they be able to carry them 1,000's of miles to their destination ?
Another great architectural feat is Easter Island . Ancient Aliens claim that there was no possible way to move the stone heads to the positions they're in today since there are no trees to make rollers. However in my research I found out that the natives had cut down trees in order to make the rollers and after years of chopping them down they soon ceased to grow. Also the soil erosion become a problem and cleared out all the remaining roots in the ground since there was no main support and the soil was lose the remains of the trees had soon disappeared.
Megalithic Construction
Puma Punka
Easter Island
The Great Pyramid was built in the middle of a great sandstone quarry making it assessable to use the sand for the saws. The sand was what cut stones into haves and form their shapes , the saws didn't need any teeth , the sand was enough. Ancient Aliens make it seem as though as granite is the hardest thing in the world to cut when it is not. Also the myth of levitating the large granite stone it false. The Egyptians had used wooden sleds and ropes to move most stones from place to place. The construction of the Great Pyramid would take a lot of geometric intellect and precision. There are still many theories on how the egyptians were able to build the Great Pyramid with such precision such as placing the stones on top of each other in perfect formation
The Great Pyramid
Precision work
The Precision work segment in the Ancient Aliens series basically talked about the sharpness and perfection of the structures and the small details they contained.The Ancient Aliens Series goes into depth how it is not possible to shape the type of stone they used for precision work with simple tools and how they would need modern technology in order to achieve precision work. Also they discussed the accuracy of the 90 degrees angels. The show came up with unreasonable
The series however contains wrong evidence about the construction of Puma Punku. The type of stone is red stand stone which can easily be be molded by hard stone. However the Ancient Alien Series declares that it was granite which would have to be molded a diamond studded drill. Also not all of the stones contain equal dimensions . The stones have hosting holds for ropes and drag marks which proves the levitation theory wrong.Much of the evidence in The Ancient Alien Series's segment of Puma Punku is false.
Puma Punku
1) Did the Great Pyramid require modern technology to move the heavy stones ?

2) Was modern technology used to shape some of the precision work ?

3) Are the materials from Puma Punku very dense and almost impossible to break ?
The Great Pyramid
Easter Island
Puma Punku

In conclusion I believe that with the evidence presented, I can support my thoughts that extraterrestrial life can exist and may have contacted earth at some point, but I do not believe they helped or influenced our megalithic construction or social advances.There are some unsolved mysteries on megalithic structures on why they were created and what gave the ancient people the idea. The Great pyramid is an example, the construction of it is still unknown and quite hard to figure out.
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