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mister death's blue-eyed girls

english project

Rio Wintz

on 19 November 2012

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Transcript of mister death's blue-eyed girls

Main Characters Nora: Very shy and quiet.
Feels really awkward because she is tall and very skinny.
Faces a lot of obstacles in her life. Ellie: Nora's best friend, kind of jealous of Ellie. Catholic and takes her religion very seriously. Cheryl Miller: Pretty and popular. Always outgoing and flirtatious.
Dated Buddy for a long time. Bobbi Jo Boyd: Only 15 years old, but tried to fit in with everyone else. Also pretty and popular like Cheryl. Main Characters Charlie: Good friend's with all
of the girls.
He and Nora have sort of a "thing" Paul: Charlie's best friend.
Also good friends with the girls. Buddy: Cheryl's ex-boyfriend.
Known as a 'bad boy'
Accused of murder. Mister Death & His Brother They are the real killers.
No one really knows who they are. Main Conflicts Cheryl and Bobbi Jo are shot
and killed.
Everyone automatically assumes its Cheryl's ex, Buddy.

Nora is Catholic but doubts her faith after the murders. Setting Time- Took place in the 1950's

Place- Small neighborhood not far outside of Baltimore, Maryland Part 1 The group is partying and having fun in the park. Cheryl and Bobbi Jo are talking to a boy who no one knows and they are making fun of him. Buddy shows up and causes trouble with Cheryl. Part 2 Cheryl and Bobbi Jo go to Ellie's house to meet her and Nora to walk to school, but they are running late so they leave without them. As Nora and Ellie walk they hear a car back firing but think nothing of it and continue to school. They see Buddy and he gives them a ride. Part 2 continued... Later at Ellie's house her and Nora see police cars rushing towards the park in the woods area. Soon they see kids running out of the woods screaming that Cheryl and Bobbi Jo have both just been shot. Buddy is accused of murder and is taken to the police station, but he is proven innocent. Nora has a dream where Cheryl and Bobbi Jo say that Buddy was the one who shot them. Part 3 The police come to question Ellie and Nora, and they say that they think Buddy did it.Mister death says he would have killed Ellie and Nora too if they had been walking with Cheryl and Bobbi Jo. Mister Death's brother is upset and feels guilty. Part 4 Nora secretly doesn't think Buddy killed them. Everyone attends the viewing and they see Cheryl and Bobbi Jo's dead bodies. Buddy goes when everyone has left because he couldn't be seen there. Part 5 At the funerals,Nora notices a strange boy lurking behind a tree.Buddy goes and hides behing a tombstone. Part 6 Ellie spends the rest of her summer in Boston with her aunt and uncle.Police take Cheryl and Bobbi Jo's diaries for any evidence. Nora goes to talk to a priest. Buddy and Nora take a ride in his car and talk. Part 7 Mister Death and his family are moving to Texas. Buddy joined the Navy. He wants to talk to Nora before he leaves so he calls her. When she is about to get out of his car he kisses her and promises to write. Part 8 Nora runs into old friends of hers and they start to hang out. This helps her deal with the murders because they don't talk about it all the time. Part 9 Buddy writes to Nora, he gets a tattoo of Cheryl's name on his arm.Ellie is home and is going to a different school, her and Nora don't talk anymore. Nora has a dream that shows that the boy in the park 'mister death' killed Cheryl and Bobbi Jo. Part 10 The Sun tells of mister death and his brother. Nora calls Buddy to ask if he heard the news. They are going to meet for coffee. Theme: Before blaming someone you should hear their side of the story. Quote #1 "Buddy turns back and shouts at Cheryl,"If you died tomorrow, i wouldn't shed one tear."
(Hahn,23) Quote #2 "What's wrong with you two?" Buddy asks. "You look like you've seen a ghost."
"If we have, you know whose it is." Ellie's voice is cold with fury.
I stare at her, shocked by her anger.
Buddy looks puzzled. "What are you talking about?"
At the same time, Gene asks us what's going on in the park.
"Ask him," Ellie shouts and pulls me away. (Hahn,56-57) Quote #3 "Yeah," says Charlie. "Even if they never prove it, I know that bastard did it."
(Hahn, 162) Quote #4 "Just ask anybody-Ellie,Charlie,Paul-they'll say I did it, Even now, even today, no matter what the Sun says, no matter what the cops think, those SOBs made up their minds in 1956 and they'll believe it till the day they die."
(Hahn, 324) Cheryl and Bobbi Jo alive. Cheryl and Bobbi Jo dead
on the path in the woods.
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