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Cheng Yee Lam

on 10 March 2013

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Transcript of Marketing

CHIU YUN KI (6) INTRODUCTION: We first must understand Glico and YEO's two brands, and then analyze how these two brands from the four areas of Place, Promotion, Price and Product sales affect the market. Then the two brands can be compared contrasted to explain why we would think that the Glico and YEO‘s sales model s is good, and find out its value. We will then understand how Glico through packaging and promotion establishes a good relationship with it’s guests, so guests will buy again. Introduction of YEO’s ANALYSIS OF YEO's Not many would have imagined the company behind the Yeo’s logo, was once a little shop in China making soy sauce out of Zhang zhou, Fujian Province. Founded by Mr Yeo Keng Lian in 1900, the Yeo’s family laboured hard to ensure that the product they offered was of the highest quality, a belief that was vividly upheld until today. The YEO’s brought the business to Singapore in the 1930s by setting up the Yeo Hiap Seng Sauce Factory. Today, with direct operations in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Hong Kong, China, Canada, US and other parts of the globe, Yeo Hiap Seng has grown into a successful food and beverage group of companies with an international presence. Place YEO's brand during our analysis will be divided into two sales locations in Singapore mainland and Hong Kong to conduct a study. Singapore Supermarket Store Online Shop Hong Kong Supermarket Store By determining the location of sales, we can see YEO's main selling product in the popular supermarket sales, to facilitate people from
all walks of life to purchase and increase sales. Promotion YEO's produce a wide variety of food. They also take into account the different products and launch different ads to enhance their brand reputation, the following are some different marketing tactics at home and abroad: TV advertisements Newspaper advertisements
Subway advertisements
Bus advertisements Sweepstakes
Free tasting Marketing tactics can not only help them to promote their products, they also ensure more people understand the brand. This is to enhance the reputation of the brand. When the brand reputation has been enhanced, it will enable consumers to buy the products of the brand, and have more confidence in it. Price YEO's products are advertised in Hong Kong’s newspapers. Usually it does not cost much more than $ 20 are a popular choice. Their products are for ordinary families . If they were priced higher may choose a substitute brand. When we came to our conclusion we concluded the unit price of 20 yuan is based on trying to attract more housewives to buy the product.YEO's main products are sold in supermarkets, so they will from time to time have discounts to make goods more popular. Product YEO's offers three main food types, respectively, soy sauce, beverages, and Instant curry as our research topic we simply chose the ready-to-eat curry. Instant curry, is a quick and simple food to heat and prepare without cooking. This is convenient for busy city people, so that they can quick meal without cooking allowing them to save time. Font:
Simple English Font, Red Font, White font and Red Background Background color: Red Description: In English and Chinese Background base maps: food images Senior chef spokesperson The packaging large open method: Analysis of Glico Introduction of Glico Gilco is a Japanese confectionery company headquartered in Nishiyodogawa-ku, Osaka. The company manufactures the traditional Glico caramel candy, as well as Pocky and many others. The company name, Glico, is derived from a shortening of the word glycogen. The first candy produced by the company was known as Glico-Caramel. It is a well know fact that Ezaki Glico Co., Ltd. Is a famous for the production of Confectioneries, Ice Cream Products, Processed Foods and Health-related Foods. Place Glico Japanese brand will be analyzed and divided into two sales outlets in mainland Japan and Hong Kong to study. Japan Supermarket Glico Snack shops Store Convenience store Glico Shop Online shop Hong Kong Supermarket Candy shops Store Convenience store Reviewing the results, we see Glico in Japan will set up a number of outlets. The convenience for the public to buy their products at any place greatly enhances the publics convenience to buy. While in Hong Kong, due to Glico in Hong Kong among people familiar with Japanese food brands, visibility is relatively high, so we can also find this brand of food in many shops. In the promotion of its products, Glico has always done very well. In addition to often launching many different product discounts, it is also able to eliminate different products. This method allows a better understanding of their own brands and products Promrtion Newspaper Poster Signboard Subway advertisements Propaganda vehicles Glico Exhibition Glico brand accessories Vending machine For different target marketing Web Marketing TV advertisements By the above method of marketing you can see that Glico not only just sells their products. While it has not forgotten to sell them with the enhanced image of the product, they also increase the confidence of the customer. This is so the consumer products that are produced will make consumers believe that consumption of Glico food is the symbol of a trend that is more appealing to different ages who purchase goods, so as to expand the sales market. Price Glico produces many kinds of food at the same time. It separates them into the different target groups to promote their products, the price range s from 10-100 yuan. Instant curry for example, is Gilco’s cheapest brand in terms of price at 30 yuan. This is due to the fact the ready-to-eat curry target market group are too busy and don’t have enough time to cook. Since most of the people in this group are lower-class people the prices are not set too high to meet people’s economic situation. Product Ezaki Glico Company, Limited makes a variety of different kinds of food, such as snacks, ice cream, healthy food cooked food and etc. Because modern life is increasingly busy, Glico has put major investment in R & D of the cooked food market in recent years. This includes the introduction of a variety of cooked food products including ready-to-eat curry-based products. We will analyze a series of cases of ready-to-eat curry and reveal what makes a curry expensive. Positive prompt font:
Yellow red Gold spoons Curry Photo Chef Logo Brand Logo Warnings: red font Infromation:
Detailed diagram and word Friendly Kaifeng design Incision on the bags:
Clear instructions and dotted line The bag description Font:
Bold calligraphy font
Three-dimensional white Fire and Blcak Background COMPARE OF TWO DIFFERENT BRAND Promotion Promotion of Instant curry, in addition to a discount discounted, respectively for the two brands to find other way of promotion of such products. Online shopping Poster Package Packaging Kaifeng
Background Typeface Explanation Easily tear Cans Open Black flame background
and curry images Red curry background
and chef spokesperson Heroic and generous
calligraphy font Ordinary English font Japanese Chinese and English Target Chicken curry flavors Singapore taste Malaysia taste Elder Young male Young female Kid Glico launched ready-to-eat curry, will create a different series for different ages to attract customers of different ages to make a purchase, thus expanding, Wide Sales Network, the company gains more Wang. However YEO's don’t have the targeted to sell Instant curry, it is mainly divided into three different flavors of curry distributors out of the market to cater to his popular route Place YEO's and Glico are foreign brands, we analyze their domestic Instant curry sales locations Supermarket Store Online Shop Supermarket Glico Snack shops Store Convenience store Glico Shop Online shop By comparison, we can see that, Glico sells their products in order to more convenient to consumers anytime, anywhere. Their product are put in the supermarket and on store floors, but it’s also designed to be sold in a convenience store. Consumers like the added convenience. THE VALUE OF THE GLICO PACKAGE Through the above comparison, we in fact found Glico in every way was more superior to YEO's. We can also explain why we think Glico brand is better than YEO's. On Glico’s packaging they know how to make use of the different design elements to make the packaging more attractive to the attention of consumers in terms of appearance. At the same time, it should be carefully noted how consumers use this product more conveniently. So it is because of the instructions for the use of this product, the value of the Glico packaging opening method which is designed to be more friendly we have deemed the product to be better. THE RELATIONSHIPS WITH CUSTUMERS Glico launched a Instant curry. This product has in fact established a process to help build relationships with the guests First, at the launch of the product, they will take into account different age groups
When products are introduced to the local market, they will conduct a series of advertisement to attract customers to buy
At the same time, they will carefully design the product packaging, and enhance the desire of customers to buy
After brought it for home, the intimate Kaifeng design, will make guests feel more thoughtful
The instructions for use merge text and graphic , making it easier for customers to understandGlico pages contain recipe tutorials, this allows the customers to use the product to make more delicious foods
Further, when the customer uses the package it can be easily disassembled and help reduce waste This process can in fact be seen when Gilco pushes their product to remind consumers to recycle. This is viewed as being very considerate and this will enable consumers to build confidence in the use of the goods by the company, to help the company bring more "repeat customers' COMMENT AND RECOMMENDATION Instant curry have the instructions on the package but only printed in Japanese. When marketing to overseas regions it makes it difficult for consumers to understand. We can suggest it with an English version, so that consumers in overseas regions can understand the description of the content. Because not all consumers will know about the original Glico cookbook tutorial they will have failed to make good use of a resource. I would recommend recipes to be printed on the inner layer of the carton packaging, and print recipes on link pages. This is so customers can learn recipes off the website and can also take full advantage of the packaging. CONCLUSION Through this project, we now know that before the original launch of a product an additional analysis study should be conducted on the use of object. Also we clearly understand that a pass declared method can be better for the product promotion, so that consumers can understand the introduction of new products and sales will increase. In addition to a good packaging design a good brand impression can attract consumers to buy which can improve brand reputation. However, as a good marketing strategy develops additional concerns of how attractive is the purchase do in fact have to be taken into account when consumers use the product. Packaging can be conveniently recycled at home. When we take into full account the entire product launch process we in fact notice that we need to make consumers build confidence in our brand. In addition to making the brand not only to attractive to new customers to patronize, will retain all the old customers, so as to make the enterprise expand which is seen with Glico’s success. Newspaper Advertisements Glico Restaurant Recipes tutorial Free Tasting Recipes tutorial HKD$12.00/Piece HKD$12.00/Piece HKD$12.00/Piece HKD$ 21.00/Piece HKD$ 21.00/Piece HKD$ 24.50/Piece HKD$ 11.00/Piece HKD$ 14.00 HKD$ 14.00 HKD$ 10.00 HKD$ 14.50 HKD$ 14.50 HKD$ 14.50 HKD$ 9.00 HKD$ 9.00 HKD$ 9.00 We know that the food bags can put into the water be heating, but we also find that when we want to pick up the food bags will be very difficult. And we need to use other tools to help us pick up the food bags, so the process is very cumbersome. So we design the food bag like that. Flat bottom bags
Can hold on the pot
Not sink in the water
Easy to pick up The End http://www.glico.co.jp/corp/index.htm
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