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PSHS Student Interventions

No description

Shanna Gardner

on 15 October 2014

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Transcript of PSHS Student Interventions

Tier 3 :
Tertiary (1-5%)

Tier 1 : Universal (80-90%)
Tier 3
Academic & Behavioral

Individual counseling / Social work
CATALYST Interventions
(63 students in 2013-2014)
Functional Behavior Assessment (FBA)
Behavior Intervention Plan (BIP-28 students)

Systems of

Tier 1: Academic
Tier 2: Academic

Tier 2: Behavioral
Tier 1: Behavioral
- Core curriculum
-Unit Design
-Group Guidance (academic, college/career lessons)
- Test prep/test retake options
- Tutoring/peer tutoring
- Student Assistance Center (drop-in)
- Parent contacts (proactive, at-risk)
- Student engagement (IPI)
- Study skills groups
-College/Career lessons (CCC)
- Student Assistance Center (SAC)
80 to 90% success
- Learning Resource Center (LRC)
- Check & Connect
Placement can be both proactive & reactive
2013-14 semester 1 LRC success rate: 87%
Transition out students: S1: 92%, S2:82%
At-risk lists every 3 weeks
2013-14 grade data: Success Rate
Semester 1: 89.6%
Semester 2: 85.7%

- Behavior matrices
- CHAMPS (classroom expectations)
- Lesson plans
Cougar Pride
Group Guidance
The minor process is crucial!
Data used to identify students for Tier 2:

-Minors (reteaching, parent contact, etc.)
-Attendance (2013-14: 92.4%)
-Tardies (2013-14: 98% on time)
-Referrals (2013-14: 69% with none...only 15 % discipline)
- Check in/Check out
-Attendance Counselor
- Check & Connect
- Social Academic Instructional Groups

Check and Connect (teacher driven):
- Students w/ <93% attendance rate
and at least one D (101 students)

- 50% of those students improved their attendance!!

- 67 students started the year in Check and Connect
(8th graders)

- Data will be evaluated at 9 weeks and a
new group will start
4 groups running
(for students not successful in Check & Connect)
Study Skills
Social Skills
Tier 2 : Secondary (5-15%)
Excellence in all we do, excellence for all we serve
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