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St. Johns Prezi

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Diane Sweeney

on 5 August 2014

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Transcript of St. Johns Prezi

What is Student-Centered Coaching?
The Big Idea
It's about making coaching more about student learning, and less about fixing teachers.
Students are here
Students need to be here
Coaching Lives Here
Core Practices for Student-Centered Coaching
1. Setting student learning goals for coaching cycles
2. Creating learning targets for coaching cycles
3. Using student evidence to co- plan instruction
4. Measuring the impact of coaching on student and teacher learning
5. Partnering with the school leader
6. Co-teaching with a focus on effective teaching practice
7. Organizing coaching through coaching cycles coaching cycles
Collecting Student Evidence
Comparing Coaching Modalities

Documenting the Impact of Coaching Cycles
Supporting Research from Hattie's Visible Learning
Self-reported grades/student expectations = ES 1.44
Feedback= ES 0.75
Self Verbalization and questioning= ES 0.64
Mastery Learning= ES 0.58

Student-Centered Coaching
Knowing where our students are as learners
Knowing where they need to be
Partnering with teachers to close the gap between where the students are and where they need to be
Student-Centered Coaching
is not
Fixing teachers
Targeting failing teachers
Separating instruction from student learning
Hoping and praying that coaching makes an impact on student learning
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