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I Am J

No description

Karkat Vantas Strider

on 9 May 2016

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Transcript of I Am J

POV and Setting
Plot Summary
I am J is the story of J, a seventeen year old boy struggling to figure out who he is and where he belongs in the world. You see, J was born a Jennifer. But all his life he just knew that something about that wasn't right. He always felt at home playing and fighting with the guys, dresses and dolls and things he was SUPPOSED to like just never appealed to him. He was simply born in the wrong body. J has to rediscover himself, and meet other transgender people like himself before he can understand who he is.
Symbols and Quote
Third Person Limited (he, his, their)

I Am J is set in New York in modern times.
I think one important symbol from the book would be J's photography. A lot of his pictures don't mean a lot to most people, but to him they all have something deep and hidden within them. Like the picture he sent to Melissa when trying to explain his situation to her.

My favorite quote is "Art is a lie that tells the truth." This was said by Blue to J when talking about their art, and how both like to have small things hidden in their scenes. While Blue's are small monsters, J's are simply anything, like a stuffed animal or someg of that sort. I think this is importannt because in a way if sumarizes both of the characters very well.
Recommendation and Theme
I think the theme of I Am J is just to realize that being yourself is okay, and people might not understand, and some people won't be accepting, but it's what YOU are that matters. And discovering yourself and figuring everything out might take some time, but that's okay.

I would recommend this to anyone interested in LGBTQ fiction, and maybe people a little older than us. It does use some strong language at times and talk about adult themes, and things that may just be a little too intense for some of us, but it is a very good book.
I Am J
Cris Beam
(J's house, Melissa's house, J's school (pre and post coming out), Blue's house, and the support group)
Main Protagonist.
J is FtM transgender. Of course, he doesn't know this at the start of the book. He feels masculine, he IS masculine, but he doesn't know how to explain what, or WHO he is. His gender is something he doesn't know what to make of until he is forced to do some thinking. He discovers the word "transgender" and remembers the kids his father used to warn him about. The ones he shouldn't get involved with. He goes somewhere is sure he will find people like him.
Melissa is J's life long best friend, who J also happened to be in love with for some time. She is very passionate about dance, and often tries to encourage J to go after his "art" (photography) as well. One night after a party, J kisses her. This shocks her, since J's identity had not yet been realized. She has her assumptions about him, and casts him aside for a long time. But in the end she comes through and is there for J.
Blue is an artist (and also my fave character because i think she's rad). J encounters her and her friends in a Starbucks, and J is instantly intrigued. Everything about blue is just. Blue. Her hair is blue, her eyes are blue, and everything she paints is in various shades of blue. She sees the world from a different point of view than most people, and J loves being wth her because she knows him for HIM. Not for who he was, or who he's trying to hide that he used to be.
J's mother and father
Protagonist. The first transgender person J meets, aside from himself. She encourages him to go to a support group for FtM guys.
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