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Intern Project 2016

No description

Damon Rose

on 3 August 2016

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Transcript of Intern Project 2016

Social Media
Skype Interviews
Marketing to Millennials:
July 29th, 2016

Who are Millennials?
Millennial Gas Customers
Gas Customer Recommendations
1. Broaden foodservice and snacking

2. Offer made-to-order options

3. Highlight social responsibility

4. Alter social media

5. Create "mobile fueling milestones"

Broaden Food Service and Snacking Options

PFJ Travel Centers
-Tuition Assistance
-Health and Wellness
In-store Internship Program
Incentives for Team Members to spread the word
Certifications in Action
Sales Support Center (SSC)
What is gamification?
Does it work?
Career Achievements
Long-term challenges
Monthly Achievements

Food Service Status
General Food & Drink Opportunities
Other Opportunities
Diabetic Section
Beverage Happy Hour
Facebook & Twitter Update
Recommendations Facebook and Twitter
New Social Media
Snapchat: 55% of college students have it; only 20% of late 20s have it

Snapchat geofilters within stores (Wawa)

Post Snapchat stories- employees

Pop culture references

Reference social responsibility

Look to create "millennial image"

Less sugar
Mexican-themed options
Convenience Store News
, May 2016
Convenience Store News Guide to Snacking
, May 2016
More "high quality options"
Market Information
, marketforce.com, March 2016
Importance of Social Media for Millennials
Mobile Fueling Milestones is a potential loyalty enhancement that encourages frequent use of mobile fueling by gas customers on the myPilot app
What is it?
Other Notes
Keeps loyal members continuously working towards earning a reward

Instills "urgency" to gain rewards (resets monthly)

Encourages frequent use

Caters to all traveling occasions of gas customer

Mitigates issue of desensitized fueling process
Mobile "badges"

Bonus reward for guests fueling 7+ times in a month

If a customer fuels up (at least 7 gallons) four times a month for 12 consecutive months, they will receive an additional bonus reward
About millennials
Importance of Social Responsibility
What can we tell now about PFJ's social responsibility?
Add "Social Responsibility" tab to website

Social Media
-Increase post frequency
-Proliferate PFJ image
Team Member knowledge base
Successful Examples
4x mobile fueling in a month
(monthly prize)
7x mobile fueling in a month
(silver prize)
12 months in a row
(gold prize)
Rate of 1.7 million new cases per year
Alcohol swabs
Glucose tablets
Glucose gel
Mixed nuts
Cheese sticks
Meat products
Low-fat milk
Diet soda
Grilled veggies
Gas customer fuels (7 gallon minimum) four times in a calendar month

If done, a guest will choose between three loyalty rewards per month

Mobile Fueling Rewards
Diabetic Section
81% of Millennials expect companies to make a commitment to good corporate citizenship
From social media, our website, and other posts...
As individuals
As customers
As workers
As workers, millennials...
Tend to be self-driven
Embrace challenges
Want to do meaningful work
Enjoy working in teams
Appreciate work-related recognition
Learn best from positive reinforcement
Want to be treated as people, not numbers
Can adapt well to change
Like new technology in the workplace
As individuals, millennials...
Are dependent on technology
Can be impatient
Prefer instant gratification
Are skilled multitaskers
Enjoy friendly competition
Like to feel unique
Tend to be optimistic
Follow the latest trends
Want to stay socially connected
Value freedom and independence
Care about their health and fitness
Made-to-Order Options
As customers, millennials...
Connect with companies through social media
Love mobile engagement
Tend to be price-sensitive and frugal
Appreciate health-conscious products
Are loyal to particular brands
Trust online reviews and information
Respect companies that respond to feedback
Want to feel valued and important
1. Prizes from specific achievements
3. Periodic leaderboard prizes
2. Reward store for spending Pilot Points
Points-based leaderboard (both lifetime points and monthly points)
Varied Pilot Points awarded for each achievement earned
Individual guest profiles keep cumulative sum of Pilot Points
Pilot Points and Leaderboard
Speed of Service
myPilot Achievements
The average fuel event is currently 24 minutes
Highlight Social Responsibility
Alter Social Media
Diesel "Quick Lanes"
Install one "Quick Lane" sign on canopy
Choose the lane closest to the store
Erase the pull forward line
Stencil "Quick Lane 10 min max" on ground
Mobile Fueling Milestones
Economic Value
"Quick Lane" sign:
Sign installation:
$1000 per store
Across 5 stores:
Miscellaneous costs:
1. Travel cost of installation crew
2. Decreasing inside sales
YTD $19.47 per truck
Future Implementation
Sensor installations
Timed announcements
Incentives for drivers to fuel quickly

$750 +
Do not reset over time
Tiered system
Repeatable challenges
Reset each month
Cater to different types of guests
Pseudo-randomly selected from a pool of options
88% of millennials get news from social media
Categories receiving 0% of PFJ posts: philanthropy, mobile app, loyalty, etc.
: iop.harvard.edu, May 2016
Consult millennial Team Members
-What is trending?
-Are we effective?
Professional Development
-Skill improvement
-Job advancement
Job flexibility
-Harness job-hopping
-Increase transparency
Team Member recruitment/retention
Professional drivers
Gas customers
Millennial Professional Drivers
C-Store Foodservice Purchased vs. Satisfied
The top five most purchased C-store foodservice retailers ALL have made-to-order options
Lessens food waste
Allows customers more meal options
Caters to all types of guests
Lower calories
"Spicy" options
15% more sandwiches on menus from last year
29.1 million diabetics
Many options to handle rewards:
Forbes.com, May 2015
Start trial run with 5 DSC stores
Estimated 3 extra trucks per lane each day
Payback period: 17 days
Guest Perception
Why it Matters
Health conscious
Willing to pay more for organics / natural, ethnic, and specialty foods -Forbes
Wawa and Sheetz have over 100 unique MTO food service options
Convenience Store Decisions
, July 2016
PFJ has 64
50% of Wawa's revenue comes from MTO food service sales
5.4% increase in deli sales from 2015
Provide option to give loyalty rewards to charity
Promote social responsibility on social media
5/6 of U.S. millennials connect with companies over social media
U.S. millennials yield about $1.3 trillion in annual purchasing power (BCG, 2016)
1. One free fountain drink

2. One free coffee

3. A rotating "reward of the month"
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