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You, Me, and Technology

No description

Michael Marthe

on 16 November 2012

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Transcript of You, Me, and Technology

Obstacle 1 Obstacle 2 Obstacle 3 Goal Start You, Me, and Technology What is your relationship status?? Most of us are in a serious relationship and don't even know it A relationship with technology
A hyper-connected world—with texting, social networking, e-mail, online gaming, chat, music downloading, web surfing, and other forms of wired and wireless communication. Threats Our Dependency on Technology...
is it an addiction??
What is the internet? In simplest terms, it is a large group of millions of computers around the world that are all connected to one another.

It is how we are connected. With the connection to resources and opportunities, it also connects us to the threats of the internet. Cyber Criminals Who are they?? Hackers
Sex Offenders
Fraudsters Why?? In the World News...
May 2012 - Al Qaeda calls for "electronic jihad" against the United States 37-year-old
Albuquerque resident
Sentenced with 20 year imprisonment
Lifetime of supervised release
Register as sex offender Common types of Malware... Virus : Infection that replicates and spreads from one computer to another.
Trojan Horse : Contains itself in programs or files that seem “harmless”.
Worm : Infection that spreads unaided and can send millions of copies.
Spyware : Intrudes your privacy, collects your information without you knowing.
Phishing : Using Emails or other forms to take personal data.
Spam : Emails about miracle products, making easy money, etc. Mobile Attacks Text Message Scams Best Buy Scam (Oct 2012) “Some customers may have recently received a text message indicating that they won a $1,000 Best Buy gift card. It prompted customers to visit a third-party site set-up to look like our brands. This message did not originate from Best Buy or Geek Squad and was not a result of a breach of our customer information. Social Networking How does make money?? FB has ads that appear on the right border of the screen. They gather information about you from your likes and your activity on the site. This information is used to make tailor-made advertisements for you when you visit the site. 82% Ads
18% Other Sources and Games Did Ya Know?

According to a recent Norton study, cybercrime cost the global economy $388 billion in 2011 — significantly more than the global black market for marijuana, cocaine and heroin combined. Kaleb Harper Ketchens 21 years old
Meridian, MS
Hacked into EL Paso School District's Computer System
Illegally obtained names and student numbers
Posted on the Internet
Up to 5 years in prison per charge. Name: Drake

Lives in Miami, FL

Age: 21 years old

Studies at University of Florida Name: Adam Zapel

Lives in Rio Rancho, NM

Age: 47 Years old

Registered Sex Offender Personal Fulfillment
Financial Gain
Fun / Thrill
Corporate Espionage
Malicious Intent Create a strong password Remember to always log out Your Image How do you portray yourself?? Bad Usernames/Emails
Questionable Photos
Inappropriate Posts Proper User names
Good use of email
Appealing photos
Impression Management Who views your online profile? Friends
Future Employers
Strangers Do not give anyone your log in information like usernames or passwords.
Try to remember your log in information and don't write it down. Common Bait Phishers use... If youre a victim….

3 steps

1. call one of the nation wide reporting companies and put on a fraud alert that blocks thieves from extending report
2. Order a credit report
3. File a complaint with the FTC, and file a police report Symptoms of ID Theft
-Credit denied
-Unauthorized charges on credit card
-Bills stop coming
-Something wrong on credit reports such as loans you didn’t take out.
-Call from the IRS
-Accused for crimes you did not commit Modern Technology Bank / Upgrades IRS / Refund Nigerian / Charity Scams So how are these technologies connected?? The Internet Kevin Dwyer Social Engineering A tactic that uses lies and manipulation to trick people into giving up personal information. -Use at least 10 characters, 12 is ideal

-Use a mixture of letters, characters, and numbers and try not to use predictable information like birth dates or dog names, etc.

-Do not use the same password for all your accounts…try to have a few.

-Backup files, so that if your computer is compromised you have copies of your files stored in a safe place. So what do they look like? Corporate Espionage
Foreign Entities Look Left... ...Look Right... ...When crossing the information highway. Identity Theft
What is it? when someone fraudulently uses your personal identifiable information to obtain credit, take out a loan, open accounts, get identification, or numerous other things that involve pretending to be you. Bit9 released on Nov. 11, 2012 that 100,000 (25%) of Android apps in Google Play store pose a security risk to mobile device users and the enterprise networks to which they connect. App Attack It is important to protect ourselves, our information, and our computers. Sharing your information...be wary, very wary Protect your accounts... STRANGER DANGER!! It applies online too... Don't add or reply to strangers online! Never respond to unsolicited text messages or emails. When something smells "Phishy"... ...it usually is. Beware of what you click... Links often take you to fake websites, make you vulnerable to malware, or introduce services that have hidden fees.
https = Secure
http = Not Secure Check the web address Set up security software and firewall protection and update them regularly. Check your bills and accounts routinely. If you are a victim of identity theft... 1) Place a fraud alert with a credit reporting agency
2) Order a copy of your credit report
3) File a police report But beware!! Technology can bite hard Technology is an amazing and convenient Part of our lives... Man's new best friend... Questions?? Michael Marthe & Hong Nguyen
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