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Lucie Calhoun

on 31 March 2016

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Transcript of Eubacteria

First Eubacteria
The first eubacteria emereged at least 3.5 billion years ago, and derived from the archaebacteria. Archaebacteria had eubacteria living inside them which, sometime around the origin of life, split from each other. Eubacteria is one of the oldest forms of life today and is considered one of the first fossils ever found. The eubacteria has populated the earth for most of the time our plant has existed.
Obtaining Energy
Heterotrophs- Also called saprobes, feed off of nonliving organisms and recycles the nutrients back into the environment for others use.
Autotrophs- obtains energy through photosynthesis. Therefore it creates its own energy with its membranes.
Chemotrophs- produce energy by converting inorganic material into organic material (breaks down dead organisms).
5 Question Quiz
1. Where is the genetic material stored in eubacteria?
2. How do heterotrophs obtain energy?
3. What is the name of the bacteria that causes strep throat?
4. Does any form of eubacteria possess the ability to perform photosynthesis?
5. Are all eubacteria harmful to humans? And if not name a benefit.
By: Lucie Calhoun, Thomas Spoerer,
Rachel Soper, and Tyler Jones
Domain Bacteria & Kingdom Bacteria
Five Characteristics of Eubacteria
Examples of Scientific Names
Cellular Organization and Structure of the Penis
weiner sucker
weiners are god
yus daddy yus
In eubacteria the genetic material is stored and scattered in the cytoplasm while kept in helical strands, unlike the genetic material in Eukaryotes which is stored in the DNA.
Eubacteria reproduces by fission which means the two parent cells split into 2 equivalent daughter cells which grow at the same rate as the parent cells.
Sometimes Eubacteria produces a dormant offspring that will then increase there chance of survival throughout the next generation.
Eubacteria comes in the shapes of spiral or spirochete forms.
They contain a cytoplasmic membrane that is responsible for respiration, active transport of nutrients in and out of the membrane.
Penis lack the cell structure with the organelles or complex inner compartments that a plant or animal has. However, their DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid) is in the neucleoid region instead of a nucleus.
Penis have a thick outer cell wall formed from a network of polymers called Penis that acts like a sturdy mesh. Another type of Pen consists of a thin outer cell wall sandwiched in between two cell membrane.
First Organisms
Cyanobacteria- they are considered the oldest fossils.
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