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Healthy Foods

No description

Abigail Cicione

on 10 December 2013

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Transcript of Healthy Foods

Grade: 2nd

Subject: Health

By: Amanda Cundiff & Abigail Cicione
Unit Concept Web
Watch a YouTube video
Designing a healthy food ad
Artist's chair
Brochure project
Lesson Two
Health & Art: Illustrating Healthful Habits
Pre-assessment quiz
Watched a YouTube video
Read The Very Hungry Caterpillar, asking questions throughout
Healthy or Not? poster board activity
"My Favorite Healthful Foods" worksheet
Artist's chair
Lesson One
Health & ELA: Healthful Foods
Health: Healthy Foods
Lesson 1: Health & E.L.A.
Healthful Foods
Lesson 2: Health & Art
Illustrating Healthful Habits
Lesson 3: Health & Science
The Food Pyramid
Lesson 4: Health & Social Studies
Virtual Tour of a Grocery Store
Lesson 5: Health & Math
Counting Healthy Foods
Lesson Three
Health & Science: The Food Pyramid

Watch YouTube video
Introduce and talk about food pyramid
KWL chart
Frozen grapes activity/experiment
Discuss results
Complete the "Find the Food Group" activity
Lesson Four
Health & SS: Virtual Tour of a Grocery Store

Watch YouTube video
Ask questions about family eating habits
Show PowerPoint presentation
Discuss grocery store habits/experiences
Complete "Healthful Habits at Lunch" worksheet
Assign and explain writing assignment
Lesson Five
Health & Math: Counting Healthy Foods
Watch YouTube video
Watermelon activity in groups
"Serve It Up!" worksheet
Bar graph activity as a class
Post-assessment quiz
Highlight of Unit
We both found the highlight of the unit to be teaching the first lesson. We had a ton of fun teaching the class, during our lesson the students were very interactive and showing emotion, for the first time that we had observed.
Culminating Project
Healthy Foods Brochure Project

Directions: Design a brochure that you could use to teach first graders how to eat healthy. Be sure to make it colorful and include at least three foods from each of the five food groups.Try your best with spelling and be creative!
Eggs, Milk & Cream

Tour of Wegman’s

Time to check out!

Pastry chef’s whipping up sweet treats in the bakery…

Fats & Oils (ok in moderation!)

Customers order at the fresh cuts and deli counters

Next stop…Meat!

Next stop…Dairy!

Let’s walk around!

What’s your favorite flavor of yogurt?

The Cheese aisle
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