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Sophie Germain ( Mathematician project)

Sophie Germain ( Mathematician project)

destiny spires

on 15 December 2013

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Transcript of Sophie Germain ( Mathematician project)

Visual Statistics:
Three Historic world
events that happened in her life time:
Sophie Germain
Let me introduce you!
Name: Marie-Sophie Germain
Lifespan: 55 years
Birth Place: April 1, 1776 Paris France
Age of Death: 55 years old June 27, 1831
1. When she was born, women were not allowed
to learn.
2. The French Revolution
3. Napoleon's armies invade Germany
Sophie did not attend school through out her life. She would read books in her fathers library. She would also study a lot about mathematics.
Family and Marital Status:
~Father (Ambroise-Francios : wealthy merchant .
~ Mother (Marie-Madeline)
~younger sister (Angeliqe-Ambroise)
~ Older Sister (Marie-Madeline)
Three Contributes to mathematics
~Elasticity Theory
~Differential Geometry
~Number Theory
Two interesting facts:
~she has been interested in mathematics since she
was 13 years old.
~she study and taught herself about
(Sophie Germain)
www.Encyclopaedia Britanrica
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