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All About Mini Pigs

No description

Karlie Braswell

on 26 February 2014

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Transcript of All About Mini Pigs

Mini Pigs are extravagant. They will amaze you by their intelligence and knowledge. In this Presentation I will inform on the history, care, and training of a miniature piglet. Me myself have a miniature piglet and he is just as smart as a dog or even smarter. You can potty train, teach tricks, and keep them as indoor house pets. I hope you enjoy and get much information on this exotic indoor animal.
All About Mini Pigs
Micro Mini Pigs, Julianna's, Teacup Pigs, and Mini Pop Belly Pigs are ALL THE SAME! Mini Pigs originated from the Pop Belly Pig itself. Through Science and experiments Scientist have developed the special breed of Mini Pigs. They have came very popular in the United States and are very loving animals. They are intelligent and very knowledgeable. All they need is love and attention and they will be the easiest pet anyone could have and take care of. The Price range for Miniatures are $200-$1200
History and Origination
Miniature Pigs originated from the Pop Belly Pig. They got the name from simply having a big plump stomach. The Pop Belly Pigs came form Vietnam. The correct name for that breed of pig is the Vietnamese Pop Belly Pig. Through Science and Trial and Error they have created the Micro Mini Pig. There life span is expected to be around 15-20 years and there gestation is approximately 3 months.
Weight and Growth
A miniature pig can max out in weight from 20 pounds - 200 pounds. Depending on Genetics and type of miniature pig, you never know what your going to get. That is why Research and Background information on the Breeder and the breed of mini pig is a key asset to finding the perfect pig that suits you and your home.
Care for Miniature Pigs
Miniature Pigs can easily be over fed so that is why its very important to keep watch of feed supply
They need food specializing in Miniature Pig Nutrients, they also need Mini Pig Food to go along with there weight class
They always need a adequate amount of water, pigs tend to get cotton mouth very easily
Pigs hardly ever need medical attention and do not require vet visits unless dire emergency
Pigs do not need tick and flea care also
Training a pig is very easy, their exactly like a dog when it comes to potty training
You can either train them to go on a pad, litter box, or outdoors it is the owners preference
Mini Pigs LOVE to root, by being an inside pet your legs are their main target by training them not to do that you simply pop them on their snout and they will eventually get the point by continuing the process
All a pig needs is someone to take time with them and love them, they will learn to trust someone who constantly is around
Different Sizes, Shapes, & Colors
Miniature Pigs
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