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I am Malala

book report

Jimena Coto

on 4 December 2017

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Transcript of I am Malala

I am Malala
The setting of the story takes place in a “city” in Swat, Pakistan named Shangla from 1997 when she was born to 2012 when she was shot.
1. When she was in a point where she was deciding if she continue studying or leave it.
2. She feared for her father, that he will be killed.
1. The threats of the Taliban saying that they will kill her.
2. People always saying that she should leave school or her father will be killed by the Taliban.
Main conflic
The main conflict was when the Taliban took over Pakistan.

The theme of this story is that you need to stand for your rights and what you believe in.
The mood of the story changes from one part to another, but most of it is suspense about what Malala is going to do with all the problems the army and Taliban are going to do.
My Opinion:
This book is not the kind of book I'm used to read. But I considered that is important because it shows the difference between education opportunities for women in different cultures.
I am Malala
I am Malala is a book written by the main character Malala Yousafzai and Christina Lamb.
The year of publication was October 2013.
The book have 313 pages.
The story is Malala and the story is written in 1st person. I know what she is thinking and feeling and uses words like me, I, mine, my.
1. Melmastia- hospitality
a. Sentence: When someone comes to my house I try to show the most of melmastia that I can.
2. Shaheen (n): a falcon
a. Sentence: James have shaheen reflexes that is why he is good at baseball.
3. Pisho (n)- cat
a. Sentence: I am not a pisho lover but Connor loves them.
4. Sabar (v)- patience
a. Sentence: Ziauddin have sabar with Malala’s recovery.
5. Bewildered (adj.): completely puzzled or confused; perplexed.
c. Sentence: My father (Ziauddin) was bewildered by all the people gathered outside who had come to show their sympathy.

Plot Events
Exposition: Swat became part of Pakistan in 1969, the year that Ziauddin was born.
Rising actions: When Maulana Fazullah starts a radio in Swat and many people began following him.
Climax: The climax of the story was that she survived to a bullet direct to her head.
Falling action: The falling action is when Malala starts to make interviews against the Taliban.
Resolution: it really doesn’t have a resolution because she is still alive and there are still some threats from the Taliban saying that they will kill her.

Physical traits:
She have gorgeous brown eyes.
She have dark brown hair almost black.
She is young between 13-15 years old.
Personality traits:
Since little Malala have been educated by her father.
The whole book is around she being a fighter.
She was concern about others, especially about her father.
Secondary Characters:
Moniba: Malala's best friend
Ziauddin Yousafzia: Malala's father and inspiration.
Toorpeki Yousafzia: Malala's mother.
The only irony I could find in the book is that the Taliban didn’t want the girls to go to school, if they go to school probably there will be more jobs, money, less poverty, and more politician women.
Genre: Autobiography

1. I know it is an autobiography because I know what the main character feels and thinks.
2. Because the same title says I am Malala and the book is written by her.
3. It’s not a Memior genre story because the story is about her whole life since she was born until she moved to London, England.

Jimena Coto
1 Quarter and 1 Semester
Mr. Valverde
International Christian School
Due : 1st of October
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