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MP/TSS Collaboration

No description

nicole blees

on 7 February 2013

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Transcript of MP/TSS Collaboration

Brian Thompson and Nicole Blees MP/TSS
Collaboration Evaluation and
Planning Execution Reaction Day-to-Day 1 2 3 4 Strategy Meeting
Model/Buy Grid/VIT
Contingency Planning CMS and Order Writing
Transition Tracking Chase/Cancel
Collaborative Forecasting 1. Main point of contact for all owned-brand vendors

2. Own execution from business award to IDCs

3. Activate and leverage contingency plans

4. Trouble shoot item-level issues TSS BA Roles and Responsibilities 1. Own execution from IDC to store

2. Develop accurate BU forecasts and order quantities

3. Optimize expenses and inventory management

4. Maintain green instocks through product lifecycles MP BA Roles and Responsibilities Strategy Meeting Contingency planning kick-off
Inventory strategy
Buyer merchandising strategy
PM costing concerns
New store impact
Key milestones Casepacks MP TSS Store
Supply Chain
Expenses Costing
Lower casepack=higher cost
Testing requirements Resources: AAA Analysis & Casepack Guidance Model/VIT/Buy Grid TSS MP Planning in buy grid
Execution in model
Buyer scrubs assortment and retail
BA scrubs units and casepack VIT/Model is the source of truth for all product info
Scrub model before ISR and also before line final
Resources: Buy Grid and Model VTA TSS MP Order lead-times
Create PO due date grid Factory Evaluation (FE) score
Production lead times Resources: VTA and PO due date grid CMS and Order Writing TSS MP Order projections by season and program
Roll to OMS Build commit shells by vendor (RR)
Business award and vendor production planning Resources: Contingency Planning TSS MP Proactive inventory flexibility
Adjust inventory to sales Vendor capabilities
Production planning Resources: Contingency planning toolkit Transition Tracking TSS MP Understand inventory ownership implications
Communicate effectively to buyer and MP manager Monitor testing production and shipping
Update merchant team Resources: Tracking grid, Set Projections Chase/Cancel TSS MP Compare actual sales to forecasts
Re-allocate OTB spending into what's working Communicate chase/cancel requests to vendor
Work with vendor to alter production schedule Resources: Chase/cancel grid and VTA Collaborative Forecasting TSS MP Leverage vendor's detailed by-item analysis
Identify chase/cancel opportunities Align MP projections with vendor production
Monitor safety stock liability Resources: Vendor's by-item forecast tool MP/TSS Status TSS MP Sales updates and inventory implications
Inventory flow
Supply chain
OTB issues
Own elevating to buyer and MP manager Vendor relationship management
Global landscape updates
Own elevating to PM Resources: Status agenda
Team Development
Vendor Issues
Workload Planning PM/Manager Relationship Areas of Focus T.com MP/TSS Status
PM/Manager Relationship
Target.com Monthly Status Inclusion of TSS in MP Meetings Review Financials Education on Roles and Responsibilities

Issue Escalation Plan Key Transition Handoffs
Inventory Flexibility
Item Lifecycle Management Starting Points Lines of Communication
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