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The Cask of Amontillado

Integrated Language Arts - 8th Grade

Dana Hoover

on 29 August 2014

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Transcript of The Cask of Amontillado

This story is written by Edgar Allan Poe.
Based upon what you know of Poe, what are your expectations?

The Cask of Amontillado
In the story we will read,
a man named Montressor feels he has been wronged by a man named Fortunato.

So knowing this, what do you predict may be the THEME of the story might be about? (samples- love, friendship, greed etc.)

Time Specific Vocabulary
Pipe - A barrel

Cask- a flask, container for wine
Roquelaure - Cape
Flambeaux - A wooden torch lit on fire

mason- a worker who build structures primarily with brick and mortar
Setting Continued...
Our story is told in FIRST PERSON POINT-OF-VIEW...

What does this mean?
PITFALLS OF 1st Person Point-Of-View
What must the reader take into consideration when reading a story done in 1st Person POV?

Is the narrator reliable / trustworthy??
Is it the objective truth?
You'll need to ask yourself this as you read the story!
1st Person POV
-narrator participates in the action of the story
-pronouns (I, me, we, us)
-can be objective (narrator doesn't disclose thoughts, feelings, or opinions)
-can be subjective (discloses the above)
Omniscient and Limited POV
A narrator who knows everything about all the characters is all-knowing, or OMNIscient.

A narrator whose knowledge is limited only knows the thoughts and feelings of one character in the story.
Our Reading Goals:
1. What is the theme of the story?
2. What was Poe's purpose for writing this?
3. From what point of view was this told?
4. Where was Poe in this story?
5. How did Poe use the literary tools of foreshadowing, irony, and suspense.
What do you think the theme is?
A Confession now?
a. Guilt
b. Paranoia
c. Bragging
Author's Purpose?
Point of View?

Where was Poe in all this?
They say, "Life imitates art." So where do you see Poe's life story in this? (if at all)
Do you see IRONY in the story? What type? Let's take notes first and then watch.

Second Person Point of View
This is where the narrator uses the pronoun YOU referring to the reader, making the reader a part of the story. (very rare!) It's mostly used when the narrator is giving directions on how to do something. It's assumed the narrator is speaking to the reader.
Let's Recap!
Watch and then we'll take notes.
What types of conflict
do you see in the story?
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