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Urban Timeline

A timeline of urban design, planning, theory, and history in the West, 1800-2000.

Nick Smith

on 28 April 2010

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Transcript of Urban Timeline

1800 1850 1900 1950 2000 Revolution of 1848 WWI 1960s Sanitation legislation in Britain
1844 Chadwick's Law
1848 British Public Health Act British Public Health Act (1875)
includes first building regulations Population explosions Haussmann's Paris 1853-69 Saint Simon d. 1825 Brussells (Anspach) 1867-71 Vienna: Ringstrasse 1857- Barcelona 1859- Florence 1864-77 Parisian legislation enables the use of eminent domain for public works
(1840-1852) Marx & Engels 1811 Plan of NYC Burnham Plan of Chicago (1909) Cerda coins "urbanization" in 1867 Robert Owen model villages (1817) and New Harmony (1825) Fourier's phalanstere... Garden City (1898-) Garnier's Cité Industrielle (1899-1901) Letchworth (1903) Regent's Street (1823) Rue de Rivoli (1811) 1855 Exhibition of Paris John Nash pioneers suburbs outside London c. 1820 Jane Jacobs (1961) 1968 Rise of neoliberalism Photography (1839) Stereoscope (1830s) Federal program for urban renewal
(1954-74) expansion of American social consumption (1964-66) conservative reorientation oil crisis stagflation Davidoff: Advocacy Planning
(1965) Stock Market Crash (1929) First US national conference on city planning (1909) City Beautiful
(1900-1915) NYC Tenement Housing Law (1867) NYC Tenement Housing Law (1901) Emergence of city planning commissions in US after 1900 Columbian Exhibition (1893) Replanning of Washington (1902) The City Practical Systems planning (1950s) Marixst planning theory (1970s) communicative planning (1980s-) new urbanism (1980s-) just city (1990s-) urban anthropology emerges (1960s) Chicago school of urban sociology (1930s-) Simmel (1903) Revolution of 1871 postmodern turn modernism 'heroic' modernism 'high' modernism rise of 'global cities' Radiant City (1935) Plan Voisin (1925) Brasilia (1956-60) equity planning (1980s) Bauhaus (1919-1933) Broadacre City (1932) American planning CIAM (1928-1959) reformers Industrial Revolution Second Industrial Revolution Steam locomotive (1825) WWII Cholera epidemics USSR (1922-1991) Central Park (1853-56) London Underground
(1863-) fall of USSR desakota (1991) Levittown
(1947-1951) suburbanization ...parks... utopians
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