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Biome Project


kristin sophia liz

on 14 November 2012

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Transcript of Biome Project

Bahamas Coral Reefs by: Kristin, Sophia & Liz the coral reefs of the bahamas are located in the western atlantic ocean near the US and Cuba. Our Biome biotic and abiotic factors: Snorkeling is fun to do in the Coral Reef!
Some places where you can go swimming
is in Deadmans Island, Rose Island, Love
Island Attractions(: abiotic factors- rocks, sunlight, water (salinity), temperature plants and adaptations-
coral-toxic chemicals on it so predators wont eat them
sea anemone-suckers allow it to attach so it can't go away
algae-camoflauge allows them not to be scene by predators animals and adaptations-
cuttlefish-jaws that make it easy to break into shells biomes for nearby trips?:
the rainforest
the tropical deciduous forest
tropical rainforest Weather Report Warnings threats-
global warming and fossil fuel burning are causing the sea level to rise. Also increasing temperature will create more hurricanes and tropical storms fear of climate change?
there is a fear of climate change because of green house gasses and the increase in temperature. In 50 years they predict there will be more rainfall and an increase of 3 degrees endangered species Bahama swallow (bird)
Bahama lesser funnel-eared bat
pillar coral
juniper (plant)
whale shark the average rainfall is between 12-13 inches
the average temperature is 70 -80 degrees you should bring-
clothing: swim suit, wet suit
gear: snorkeling gear, scuba diving gear
other supplies:sunscreen, towels, sunglasses analysis: The coral reefs in the Bahamas are important because it is home to many important marine organisms. Also because the reef structure protects the land from erosion. Humans effect this biome by throwing trash in water that feeds into this biome and that can kill the animals and plants. Also, people swim and play near the biome and try and take pictures or take the organisms with them. cooperation:
- cleaning fish remove parasites from others
-schools of fish protect each other from predators competition:
-coral larve compete with one another for space to grow and live
- sharks compete with one another for food and space butterfly cod (lionfish)- bright colors tell predators not to eat them white tip reef shark-body pumps water on gills so it can be motionless for hours
Thank you for watching!

-Kristin, Sophia and Liz
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