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TeachMeet Essex

TeachMeet Essex presentation showcasing resources from the ICTmagic website.

Martin Burrett

on 19 November 2012

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Transcript of TeachMeet Essex

A special collection of resources for http://ictmagic.wikispaces.com http://twitter.com/ICTmagic Presented by Martin Burrett A 3D role-playing Literacy game designer that encourages learners to create stories narratives by designing and playing the game. Designing games is fun and it is easy to share with your class mates. You can play other users' games and use their games as templates for your own. http://play.storybricks.com See more presentations like this at http://j.mp/CPDmagic TimeLapser is a superb piece of freely downloadable software for making timelapse videos. Just set up your webcam, choice how often to take a photo and the programme makes a video for you. It's great for science and art projects. Download from http://brothersoft.com/timelapser-301961.html This is a fabulous site for creating free e-books by uploading photos from your computer, or by using the well stocked gallery of props scenes and characters provided by the site. Just drag and drop your items into place. Books can be private or shared using a URL link. A free sign-in is required. http://storyjumper.com http://amathsdictionaryforkids.com A truly amazing flash based interactive and animated maths dictionary. The entries are clear and the explanations are well written that they are almost a lesson in themselves. A must for any maths teacher. You can also download beautifully designed and wonderfully useful maths posters on a range of topics. Your classroom walls will never be the same again. View this presentation at http://bit.ly/CPDmagic http://ictmagic.wikispaces.com http://twitter.com/ICTmagic http://memplai.com I'm hugely excited by this site. Make collaborative videos in your web browser with this amazing site. Just upload your images, videos and audio and invite others users to edit your project with you. As the files are stored online your students can access the project from home or at school. The videos do not have watermarks and they can be easily embedded into your site or blog. http://www.educreations.com Record what you write and say when you are using your electronic whiteboard. Share the link or embed the video into your site so your students can play back the video whenever they need it. Use your smart phone to digitise your students' work and make an online assessment record. Use images, files or Videos from YouTube. Add comments and much more. You can also upload images of work through the website. Why not get your class to upload their own? http://threering.com A dynamic lesson planning site. Upload your plans and resources to a single place. The site creates a slideshow of your videos, documents, websites and media to browse or share with a link. http://edcanvas.com http://hackasaurus.org http://ictmagic.wikispaces.com/file/view/*ICTmagic_logo_squ.png See how website are made and tweak the coding to edit the sites. You can add instructions to a pages or remove advertising and clutter. Try using the image at http://teachmeet.pbworks.com/f/1347918897/TM%20Essex%20Logo.png http://jamwithchrome.com Play virtual instruments online.
Hit the 'pro' setting to use your computer keyboard to play Share the link with others to allow up to four 'musicians' to play together in real time. http://starwars.com/play/online-activities/crawl-creator/ Some text https://docs.google.com/document/d/1MlWkzeQv8M_1sS4xRaLbUnT_Me1X-Ty-dxK3U4SBZZU/edit Write the 'crawler' from the beginning of a Star Wars movie and share it online. It's a great way to get reluctant writers to practise story openers.
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