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Annette Calloway

on 19 June 2010

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GEORGE WASHINGTON The Statesman The Family Man The Young Man Born in Virginia on February 11, 1732 Not born into privilege Father died when George was 11 years old
half brother lawrence became mentor started surveying for wealthy landowners when a teenager knowledge of frontier and land
would serve him well later in life The Right Man At The Right Time The Soldier At age 21 traveled 300 miles into Frontier on horseback to deliver
ultimatum from British to French to leave Ohio Valley - THE FRENCH REFUSE.
Washington's journal from this trek first helped him gain name recognition.
1754 French and Indian War begins.
During this war Washington gained valuable military experience
even learning from his failure at Fort Necessity. was ambitious The Family Man Washington loved farming. Martha and George had 349 slaves. Historians have debated his sentiments toward slavery. Slaves were offered their freedom upon the death of Martha - if last living. Washington also made sure his slaves had a practical skill use after gaining freedom. The General Ready to Lead Called back from his farm at
Mount Vernon to be General Trenton Valley Forge At 26, George Marries Widow Martha
custis. Washington, with no biological
children of his own, raises Martha's Daughter, patsy and son, John, As His Own.
Martha was a wealthy
Widow and A Large Land owner.
She was a good Partner to George.
She was often on the battlefield with
George tending to wounded and
dying soldiers. The couple lived at Mount
Vernon on the
banks of the Potomac River.
George inherited this home after his
older brother, Lawrence, died of T.B. 2nd Continental Congress of May 1775 On July 4, 1776 a jubulant Congress
proclaimed in the Declaration of Independence
that the colonies were free of the British crown.
Many battles including: a glorious victory a dismal defeat Eight long years of war ensued
with General George
Washington leading his troops into battle. A brilliant strategist,
Washington led the Patriots
to victory. THE ROAD TO FREEDOM! Before Washington fought for our Independence....
he fought for the British
against France! The President Sworn in APril 30,1789 President-elect besieged by
public applause and parades
on journey from Mount Vernon
to inauguration in New York City. Washington set the standard for the office of
President. He believed the President
should display pubic character. Accomplishments During Presidency Believed in Governmental unity and
Selected cabinet from both federalist and
Anti-federalist camps Federal Gov't assumed states debts Helped establish First Federal Bank
with Alexander Hamilton Whiskey Rebellion was put down Radification of Bill of Rights Selected site of new capital on Potomac
and worked with architect to design. The White
House in Washington still was not ready at end
of his term in 1797. What a guy! George loved to farm. Washington always returned to his farm at Mount Vernon.
After his second term, he listed his occupation as planter. It was on this farm he died December 14,1799 at the age of 67. Yorktown!
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