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Enroll in My Program Classes

Tutorial for use within New Student Registration

NWTC Advising

on 9 April 2014

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Transcript of Enroll in My Program Classes

This report shows requirements you need to graduate
Program with the year you were accepted & status (pre-program or program)
Arrows expand and collapse sections
Sections will automatically collapse after you enroll in that requirement and remain collapsed after requirement is met
Click on the class title to view available class sections
College 101 is a requirement for ALL new students
Enroll in this class during your
This course can be waived if the student has completed a 1 or 2 year Technical Diploma, Associate Degree, Bachelor's Degree, or higher
Description of class content
Click "view class sections" to view available class day(s)/time(s) for upcoming semesters
Set the term to your desired semester
Click "show sections"
Symbols show if class is open, closed (full), or on a wait list
It is important to note class day(s), start/end time(s), room/campus location, and dates
If 2 days are listed (i.e. TuTh), you are required to attend BOTH days
Be sure to click "View All" to see all available class sections
Once you find a section that works for you, click "select"
This screen confirms your class selection. If you are okay enrolling in this class, click "NEXT"
This green box confirms that the selected class has been added to your shopping cart. If this is the last class you are enrolling in, you can use the "click here" link to proceed with enrollment.
Otherwise, click "Return to My Program Classes" to choose your next class.
You can then continue choosing courses from your Semester 1 Requirements
Each section notes how many credits you need to complete.
For some sections, you will be given choices for the courses you can take (i.e. Economics, Intro to Sociology OR Contemporary American Society)
Use the Schedule Grid found within Step 6 of your New Student Registration to plan your weekly class schedule.
Blocking out your class times ensures that you don't overlap your classes or personal obligations.
SAMPLE College 101
Class #99999
College 101
Class #99999

SAMPLE Intro to Sociology
Class #99999
Once you have added Welcome Week and all of your classes to your shopping cart, you can finish enrolling
Check the boxes and click the green "enroll" button to proceed through the enrollment process
Enrollment is complete once you receive a confirmation screen with green check marks next to each class
Welcome Week is a requirement for ALL new students.
Click on "Enroll in a Class" to add Welcome Week
You will need to find your Welcome Week Class Nbr to add the appropriate section
Double click this link: http://www.nwtc.edu/services/NewStudents/Pages/WelcomeWeek.aspx
to locate your class number
for Welcome Week
Once you have your class number, type it in the box and click "enter", then "Next"
You will use this method to enroll if you are provided with a
class schedule
or already know your
class numbers
How to enroll in classes using
Welcome Week is required for all students new to a program. You will learn information on finding your classrooms, purchasing books, parking information, and resources.
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