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all about me

tells about me

Jonathan Bradt

on 9 October 2012

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Transcript of all about me

All about me By Jonathan By: Jonathan Physical me 5'2Ft.
Blonde hair
blue eye colour
11years old
I will be turning 12 in October
White skin colour Q Also I like to wear t-shirts,shorts and pants. Questioning me I wonder if I will be successful in the future. I hope I have a flying car in the future or a holographic t.v. Future me I want to be an engineer when i'm older and I want an indoor pool. My family and me My family is funny and sometimes day's are good
and other's are not. Relaxing me My favourite forms of entertainment are
watching movies,playing video games and I like
to collect football pictures and statues. What makes me laugh What makes me laugh are jokes
and some movies and t.v. shows
like modern family. Creative me My family and me What makes me laugh There's a mouse in my house
who likes to joust and his favourite
video game is mickey mouse club
house. My biographer and me My biographer and me! One thing I like about Jonathan is that he has
a good personality. Another thing I like about Jonathan
is he is very funny and keeps you up when your feeling down. I think that he is very smart and one of his strength's would be math and reading. The best thing about knowing Jonathan is that he makes funny jokes and having someone to go to for help. He get's along good with friends and especially with the teacher's and staff.
He is also honest and loyal. Also he is dedicated and try's
to do his best at anything. Another thing I like is that he's
a supportive friend and gives you advice. One other thing
is that he's athletic and could help fix a problem. Last but not least is that he's awesome and that he shares stuff with you. Also i have brother's named Andrew and matthew
and my parents names are Chris and Andrea.Also
we have a lizard,dog and bunny. Also i wonder if i will win the lottery in the future. That's the end of the show! Thank's for watching!
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