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Remembrance by Emily Bronte

A ballad, lyric poem based on remembering one's true love lost <3

Karina Romero

on 23 May 2011

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Transcript of Remembrance by Emily Bronte

Emily Bronte,
the author of
Remembrance. Born in Yorkshire, England on July 30, 1818 and died at the young age of 30 on December 19, 1848. She was most known
for her novel, Wuthering
Heights which was
published in late 1847. Remembrance was
published in 1846. In Remembrance,
Bronte writes
about losing a
beloved and
how life is
not the same. She uses
many literary
devices to stress
her mourning. Later in the poem it explains
how she accepts that he's
gone and life has to go on, no
matter how much she believes
she should still be with him. This poem is written
in ballad form, which is
a song like narrative poem.
It often uses repetition. LITERARY DEVICES Imagery "Cold in the earth-
And the deep snow
piled above the.." This line refers to
the loss of her loved one and
how he is now burried. "Over the mountains, on the northern shore,
Resting their wings where heath and fern-leaves cover." This is describing a
setting of a memory. "Cold in the earth-
And fifteen
wild Decembers..." This indicates
the time
past since the loss. Personification "Hopes which
obscure..." Hope can't obscure
because it is a feeling. "...aid of joy." Joy cannot aid
because it is
an emotion. Apostrophe "Sweet Love of youth,
forgive, if I forget thee..." She's telling him to
forgive her when really
that's impossible because
he is dead. Alliteration "No later light has lightened..." "...drinking deep of
that divinest..." The title, Remembrance,
is significant to the poem
because its the act of
remembering the dead,
which relates to the theme. Tone- Remembering, hopeless, mourning. Speaker- Person who's remembering
their lost loved one. Mood- Sympathetic. Theme- Remembering
someone lost and how
love can last forever.
Once you've had the best,
all you find is second bests.
And lastly, how you can
learn to cherish life even
when there is no
real joy left. Shift- "But when the
days of golden dreams
had perished, And even
Despair was powerless
to destroy; Then did I learn
how existence could be cherished,
Strengthened, and fed without
the aid of joy. This is a shift in tone because before
she was hopeless and her outlook
on life was meaningless, but then she
realizes that there is some light
in the overwhelming darkness. Watta Rom-o Prodo WEEE BACK!
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