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Dear Mamasha and Papasha,

School History project!

mhowerton howerton

on 17 April 2014

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Transcript of Dear Mamasha and Papasha,

This is the Beautiful Brooklyn Bridge!
"Central Park"
Here is a man who is standing next to his velocipede!

Dear papà,
Mamma and I are doing grande,great,and we can't wait for you to come and live with us.Are Alessandra and Pietro coming too?If they are still worried about this new environment,tell them not to be,it's terrific here in New York City!The buildings,bridges,and parks here are so much different then in Italy ,but they will get used to them.Out of all the unusual structures in America my favorite one is "The Brooklyn Bridge".It is so beautiful,you will love it,just as much as I do.I have a attached some pictures to show you what it's like here in New York.

L'amore sempre (Love Always),
Marea Accardi
This is a what a normal street in New York looks like.
5th Avenue
Brooklyn,New York
June 5,1910
New York
Inside the "Booklyn Bridge"!
Overview of the Brooklyn Bridge!
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