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All About Abby

By Abby White

♥Abby White♥

on 12 October 2011

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Transcript of All About Abby

Abby Physical Me All About I am a 12 year old girl with
blue eyes and strawberry blond hair. I am 4'7 and have fair skin. I also have glasses and my shoe size is a 5. Questioning Me Creative Me Future Me Relaxing Me What Makes Me Laugh My Biographer & Me My Family & Me In my spare time, Quote One who does not make mistakes has never tried anything new.
~Albert Einstein Nolan Abby (Me) My Mom & I Me & My Brother My Mom & Dad Dad Mom I want to be a film director and work with actors & actresses In the future, to make motion pictures & films. I want to go to NYU for film
school. I like to Irish dance, watch TV, travel... I love to travel and do it frequently! The one place I still want to go is Costa Rica. I play badminton for fun with my dad, and hang out with my friends <3 My Favourite Things Collage 1. Knows how to make people laugh 2. Has a bubbly personality. (Outgoing) 3. Loves & wears Abercrombie 4. Not afraid of taking chances 5. Knows how to lighten the mood 6. Great at accessorizing an outfit 7. Gives good advice 8. Very skilled in Irish Dancing 9. Good at creating parodys to songs 10. Handles tough situations well. 10 sentences about Abby! By Amy Fletcher Thank you for listening! I wonder what university I will get accepted into, I wonder if the world really will end in 2012... :) and I also wonder about what will happen after I die.
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