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Digital Marketing - The Future Is Here!

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Abhas Agrawal

on 16 November 2016

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Transcript of Digital Marketing - The Future Is Here!

Digital Marketing - The Future is Here!

Digital Marketing is the art of advertising your products or services in a creative way using electronic devices.
Strategy Creation
Social Media Marketing
What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization essentially means getting your site to rank on the first page of search engines (SERPs) for a certain set of keywords - To become best friends with Google by providing relevant information to users.

Tools Used
Some of the tools you should know:
Reporting and Sources
Following tools to be used for all kind of reporting
Google ads are run using Adwords in order to fulfill various marketing objectives.

Before setting up a campaign it is important to set up a strategy, create ads and define your TG - Creating an excel sheet
Understanding the data points and making the most of this data is a primary focus after you have run your campaign.
Why go digital?
More than one reason, low spends and state-of-the-art targeting.
What are the channels or methods used to carry out digital marketing?

Social Media
Online Ads
Email Marketing
Strategy Creation
Every brand needs to create a strategy for digital marketing - Going back to the basics.

What is a strategy?
How to create a strategy?
How to execute a strategy?
How to analyze the strategy?
Google Analytics, SEO Moz, SEOptimer, Webmaster Tools, MySiteAuditor.com, Keyword Rank Checker, AnalyticsSEO
Social Media and ORM
Social Mention, Google Alerts, Hootsuite, SproutSocial, Tweepi, Facebook Insights, TweetDeck, Fanpage Karma
Google Ads
Google Analytis, SproutSocial, Hootsuite, Google Adwords, Facebook Ad Manager. Alexa, Similar Web.
Sources of information
SEOMoz, TechChrunch, Social Media Today, Mashable, GoogleAlerts, Webmaster Blog. Neil Patel, Kissmetrics.
When creating a strategy, it is important to simultaneously research on the brand and its products.

Use tools like Similar Web.
It is also important to understand what the competition is up to.
Portals and Frequency
Facebook: 2 posts per day
Youtube: 2-3 videos per month
Twitter: 2-4 tweets per day
Linkedin: 2 posts per day
Quora: On-going
Google +: 2 posts per day
Pinterest: 2 posts per day
Instagram: 2 posts per day
Slideshare: 2-3 ppts per month
Blogging: 2 blogs per week
Content Forms
Comic strips
On - Page
SEO Audit
What are keywords?
On page factors: Content, Meta Tags, URLs, Robots.txt, w3c errors, Sitemap, etc.
Each URL to have different keywords.
How to nd out keywords - By preparing a basic list and using Keyword Planner - Log in to Adwords.
Off Page
Directory Submissions
Local Listings
Press Release submissions
Reviews - Google Reviews
Generating Quality content - Blogs
Types of Google Ads
Search Network

Display Network

Gmail Ads
Types of Ads
Ads to increase Awareness

Ads to increase engagement / clicks

Ads to increase conversions
Brand Image
If you are running campaigns for brand awareness, you need to define KPIs such as Page visits, number of sessions, number of clicks, bounce rate, demographics, etc.
Lead Generation
If you are running campaigns for lead generation, you need to define KPIs such as number of conversions, increase in traffic, bounce rate, source of traffic, etc.
Always measure the impact of the campaigns that you are running on either a week on week basis or a month on month basis.
To establish a healthy reputation for the brand, specific content marketing activities would be carried out rigorously as part of various campaigns.

Tools used
Tools used
The Brief
The first step of creating a strategy is to understand the brief and understand the business.
Define the TG
Which people do you want to target?

Men / women
Age Group

Defining Objectives
What is the goal that you want to accomplish through digital marketing?
Channel Selection
Define which channel do you want to market on?

Facebook (Hoarding)
Instagram or YouTube (TV Ads)
Online Ads (Magazine Ads)
SEO (An online shop)
Emailers / Newsletters (Direct Mail)
Designing the Content
Define what do you want to you convey?

Inform / Educate
Social Cause
Execution and Analysis
Running Campaigns and then analyze the success of the campaign using tools such as Google Analytics.
Define w do you want users to consume the content?


Clicks: You know what clicks are!
Impressions: How many times your post has been seen
Reach: How many people saw your post
Engagement: (Clicks+Shares+Comments)
Engagement Ratio: (Clicks+Shares+Comments) / Reach
Click Through Rate (CTR): Clicks / Impressions
Conversion: Getting people to perform a certain action
Understanding Types of Facebook Ads

Pay Facebook when a sale happens

Pay Facebook to show your ad to 1 lac people

Pay Facebook when someone clicks on the ads

Pay Facebook when someone comments on your ads

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