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Dallas Schmeidler

on 5 December 2012

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Transcript of English

By: Daniel Herrman Welder How It Works -First joined metal was back in 4000 B.C.
-Many have died from not using right equipment or protection
-Heats can exceed temperatures of 1250 degrees
-Early 1900s when the blowtorch was invented for more accurate welds
-Blowtorches also better used by being easier to take to the place of work
-During World War II (WWII) welders were greatly needed for war efforts History -Universities: Wichita State, Emporia, Pittsburg,and Hays
-Technical: Salina, Tulsa, and Beloit
-Classes can last from 9 months to 4 years
-Cost for most school go $2,000-$10,000 annually, further training would cost more
-Technical schools weld everyday
-Universities weld every other day Jobs -Paul Huxman
-Red Rock Community College, West Denver
-Technical or Community colleges aren't much different just that you get done with school faster
-You can be your own boss
-Getting to make things from scratch
-Wouldn't want to change his mind on making his decision
-Recommends Tulsa Welding School Interview THE
END -Where metal is joined together
-Use gases and heat in order to form metals together
-Use different techniques for other types of metals Schooling -Welding is needed on pipelines, building, under water, oil rigs, ect.
-Most baby boomers are retiring from the work force
-Coming out of school you can make at least $20,000 annually
-Make up to $100 an hour
-Over years of experience can make $48,000 annually
-Involves a lot of travel
-Able to stand the whether
-Great risk of death
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