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Maryam & Jordan

No description

lib hist

on 16 September 2015

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Transcript of Maryam & Jordan

Maryam & Jordan
Kyle Carpenter
Kyle Carpenter faced down a terrible
explosive power, with his own body,
willingly and deliberatley, to protect a fellow marine. Kyle "received a shrapnel injury to the head from the grenade," while Carpenter's body "absorbed a majority of the resulting explosion," according to the official Marine Corps' account of the incident.
Jack Weinstein
Jack Weinstein volunteered to stay
back and provide cover while his men withdrew from their positions. Weinstein killed six enemy combatants and, after running out of ammunition, used enemy grenades around him to keep the enemy forces back. Weinstein held his position until friendly forces moved back in and pushed the enemy back.
Baker Vernon
Was a united states army officer who recived the medal of honor for his amazing actions during world war two. He was awarded the medal for his actions on april 5,1945 near viareggo italy. i feel this man accomplished so much. Bill Ciliton gave him the medal of honor because of his bravery he saved many of his companions on his team
van barefoot
was known for his courage and honorship. He recieved the medal of honor during world war two he risked his life to save a member on his team and stayed overnight oon the enemys side to hepl soon they got back to their own camp site without being seen by the enemys. So he was awarded the medal of honor.
All show sacrifice and honor in the face of great danger. They also show valor and patriotism.
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