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Trade-Rutvi P

No description

Rutvi Patel

on 6 December 2012

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Transcript of Trade-Rutvi P

By Rutvi Patel Canada and
USA Connections Trade Technology Media Tourism Immigration Geography History Culture Social Network Microsoft Office Celebrations/Holidays Thanksgiving Boxing Day/Black Friday Mother's Day/ Father's Day Electronic
Technology Sony Products Apple Products Samsung Products Blackberry
Products Space Technology NASA Exploration Launches Machines CSA Medical Cancer Research Medical Schools Laboratory Products Gaming Systems Microsoft Programs Food Chinese Food Indian Food Mexican Food Clothes Stores Fashion Clothes Summer
Clothes Winter
Colthes Regular
Clothes Language Spanish French Portuguese German Tamil Hindi False
Language Education Sports NHL NFL NBA Sport
Equipments Sport
Sponsers Manufactures Cars Devices
(their companies) Blackberry Sony Toshiba LG Samsung Apple School/ Office Supplies(Stores) Staples Micheal's Office Depot Stores Home Depot Lowes Target WalMart Marshalls ToysRUs Industrial Trade Forestry Mining Fishing Agriculture Crude Oil Minerals Precious
Rocks/ Stones Crops Tools *It is easy to transport
due to close proximity *Closest Partner Tourist Attractions Parliament Hill Disney World Visits Shopping Black Friday Boxing Day Funeral Special Occasions Emergency Needs *Cheap to travel back and forth *Borders are Guarded Freedom to Visit Ports Physical Features Borders Connected Western Hemisphere Part of
North America Landforms Rocky Mountain Tundra
(area in North) Plains Valleys Big Chunks
of Land Natural Resources Mining Crude Oil Mining Agriculture Fishing Coal Precious Metals Climate Cold Snowy (near the north) Warm Days in Summer Damp Areas (partly) Best Buy Justice Internet Music YouTube Movies
(where it took place) Spiderman Smurfs Carter This is For You Dracula Magazines/Newspaper New York Times Vouge Hello People Fashion Popstars Selena Gomez Carly Rae Jepson Justin Bieber LMFAO Demi Lavato Types of Music Classical Pop Rock Jazz Toronto Star Radio Virgin TV Shows/Channels First Nations Holocaust Allied Forces Navy Military Equipment Armor Freedom Train Political Democratic War of
1812/Civil War Sea Voyages Safety Refugees Family Jobs Broken Hearts Education Better Life Style Facility Visitor's/Permanent/
Student Visa Easy to Move(Access) Army
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