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Proficiency Grading

Here is an introduction to how our class will be graded.

Dan Rott

on 28 August 2013

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Transcript of Proficiency Grading

What you may be used to
Proficiency Based Grading
What it looks like in our classroom
Why we're doing it
Traditionally each assignment may be worth a certain amount of points and your grade is a percentage of what you earned from the total points possible. Let's imagine you completed a CELL LAB worth 50 pts. You earned 42 pts (84%) and had a comment from the teacher that the conclusion must include data. You don't know if all the points you missed were about the conclusion, because it was late, or what you could have done to earned full points.

This CELL LAB assignment will be averaged with all the other assignments, regardless of the type of assignment or the amount of points it they are worth.
Similar to goals
Identify specifically what you should know and do
Determined using the Next Generation Science Standards, Oregon State Standards and Common Core Standards in Biology ; IB standards in IB Biology.
Standards are broken down further in the rubric.

Science Standards:
Similar to Unit Standards but focus on scientific method and procedures, personal student management, communication, etc.

Homework, labs, and class activities are designed to provide students practice and help students meet proficiency on these standards.
A student is really interested in the material, but does not complete all homework and turns labs in partially completed. Because they understand material so well, they tutor other struggling students during labs. They earn a 96% on the test. At the end of the semester the student earns a C in the course from their average percent of all work.
Do any of the following scenarios sound familiar?
A student begins a unit they know nothing about. Throughout the unit they work diligently and improve on homework and labs. With a lot of work they demonstrate a really complete understanding on their project for a 88%. They earn a C from the average percent of all work (the work at the beginning of the unit before they knew material was part of the average).
A student tries very hard, completes all homework and asks questions often. When the test comes they earn a 60% and it is clear they are missing some key understandings but have no opportunity to fix their mistakes.
With proficiency, students begin by reviewing the standards, or the skills and knowledge they will need to know.

Student vary in their readiness and grow until they fully understand the standard or can perform the task.

Students not yet proficient at the end of a unit can retest or revise until they demonstrate they can meet proficiency for the standard.
A student's grade demonstrates what they truly know and can do, not how hard they tried or how well organized they were in preparing for the test.
With Standards-Based Assessment, there is another way.
Also Known As:
Non Points-based grading
Priority Standards
Standards base grading/assessment
What it looks like in Synergy
Standards will have the following values in Synergy and Grade Journals
4: Exceeds
3: Meets
2: Nearly Meets
1: Beginning
0: Not Completed
Traditional Synergy grade calculations do not present an accurate representation of student grades
Assignments will not be weighted in Synergy and thus it will not show a percent
A grade journal will be provided to each student to help them keep track of their performance for each standard throughout the semester
Grades will be input into Synergy manually at progress report times by the teacher
Parent/Guardians should check with their student to see their Grade Journal for the most updated assignment and standard proficiency levels
General Biology Syllabus: http://goo.gl/52k1x
Tell students what it is they need to do to meet proficiency for each standard
Provides the opportunity to practice skills and build deeper understandings.

Students are assessed on the UNIT STANDARDS with a test, project, or lab to measure level of proficiency
Not proficient standards may be re-assessed with additional practice and studying
IB Biology Syllabus: http://goo.gl/9u4KB
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