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Of Mice & Men Presentation

No description

Shayna Martel

on 7 August 2013

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Transcript of Of Mice & Men Presentation

Of mice & Men is Created
Austin Carlile:
Was originally in a band called "Attack Attack". He left the band with Jaxin Hall (the bassist) to start OM&M. Not long after this, OM&M released their first album "Of Mice & Men". He wrote one of the band's most well known songs "Second and Sebring", In memory of his deceased mother. They were very successful up until they were about to go on tour, Austin had to unexpectedly schedule a heart surgery and his doctor forced him to drop the tour. After many disagreements with the band, he decided it was time to part ways. Austin was soon replaced by Jerry Roush. Later, Jaxin left too for personal reasons and was replaced by Dane Poppin.
Of Mice & Men
Of Mice & Men was formed in mid-2009 by Austin Carlile and Jaxin Hall in California, USA. They are now a well known Metalcore/post-hardcore band. After a long search, the band members(Valentino, Jon and Phil) were found and with some help from Tom Denney, formerly of "A Day to Remember", they were eventually signed by rise records. Shortly after this Jon was replaced by Shayley Bourget because of his 'constant partying'

Part-time members
Jerry Roush (Austin's part time Replacement)
Dane Poppin (Jaxin's replacement)
Shayley Bourget (bass/clean vocals and Jon's replacement)
Original Members-

Austin Carlile (Vocals)
Jaxin Hall (Bass)
Valentino Arteaga (Drums)
Jon Kintz (guitar/vocals)
Phil Manansala (Guitar)

Austin &
The Band
Some interesting facts
Austin would later Returned to OM&M on January 3, 2011 with Alan Ashby (the band had Jerry Roush removed so Austin could return) ALan would become a completly new member and would take over as Rythm guitarist. Soon after Austin's return Dane Poppin returned to his band "a static lullaby" and Shayley bourget replaced him as Bassist.
By the end of January they were recording their SOphmore album, "The Flood". This song, "the depths" was their debut single..
After the completion of "The Flood" they continued going on tour supporting other bands like "The Amity Affliction" and "Asking Alexandria" During all this, they lost their band mascot "Squigy" a colourful plush squid. it was a tragedy!
-Of mice & men is named after a
John Steinbeck novel of the same title
- Austin's mom died in 2007, when he was 17, of Marfan Syndrome. Which has to do with a viral infection in the heart. AND he has the same disease.
-My favourite Austin Carlile quotes : 1. It get's better, it always gets better. Life will never put you through more than you can handle. 2. You have many options in life, never make giving up one of them.
Here is another song by OM&M (a favourite of mine)
-A boy wrote to austin saying he wanted to end his life, Austin wrote back and told him its not worth it and the boy didnt do it. the two still write back and forth.
2."They Don't Call It
"The South" for Nothing"
3."Second & Sebring"
4."Westbound & Down"
5."John Deux Trois"
6."Those in Glass Houses"
7."Farewell to Shady Glade"
8."The Ballad of Tommy Clayton
& the Rawdawg Millionaire"
9."Seven Thousand Miles for What?"
10."This One's for You"
1. "O.G. Loko"
2. "Ben Threw"
3. "Let Live"
4. "Still YDG'n"
5. "My Understandings"
6. "Ohioisonfire"
7. "Purified"
8. "Product of a Murderer"
9. "Repeating Apologies"
10. "The Great Hendowski"
11. "I'm a Monster"
12. "When You Can't Sleep at Night
Of Mice & Men
The FLood
New album coming out in 2014. Excited!
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