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Juan Ponce de Leon

No description

Erin Barrett

on 9 April 2015

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Transcript of Juan Ponce de Leon

fact #1
Juan Ponce de Leon
By Amanda and Erin
Early Life
His known relatives are Rodrigo Ponce de Leon, and Marquis of Cazid.
Fun Facts
He was an adventurer.
He arrived in
Puerto Rico in 1508.
He became Puerto Ricos Governor.
Last breaths
fact #2
fact #3
He passed by The Dominican Rebublic, Hati , Cuba , and the Bahamas until he finally made it to Florida, as seen here on the map.
THANKS FOR WATCHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Our sources are thefreeresorce.com , biography.com, and history.com.
fact #4
He tried to find the fountain of
youth but never succeeded.
Fact # 5
His ships names were
The Santigo, The Saint Maria de la
Consolacion, and the San Cristobal.

Ponce de Leon was heading
to Flordia when he was
shot in the leg by
the Calusa Indian tribe.
On the way back to Cuba ,members of Ponce de Leon's crew members discovered that the arrow had posion on it.
Ponce de Leon died a few days later after returning from Florida. He is buried at the Cathedral of San Juan Bautista, In Puerto Rico.

Accomplishment # 1
Ponce de Leon discovered Florida.
He discovered it on April 2 ,1513.
He first called Florida "La Flordia" which he named because he discovered it during the Easter feast which is also known as Pascua Florida.
The Fountain of Youth
When Ponce de Leon was 51 he was given permission by King Ferdinand to search for the Fountain of Youth.
The Fountain of Youth was said to be magical and give a man eternal life.
Ponce de Leon lost a handful of men, trying to find the mystical Fountain of Youth.
He was married and had 3 daughters and 1 son. There names were Luis Ponce de Leon, Juana Ponce de Leon, Isabel Ponce de Leon, and Maria Ponce de Leon.

Ponce de Leon was born in the small village of Santerva's de Campos,
Spain in 1474.

Ponce de Leon was hard working and ambitious. He would have made a lot more accomplishments if he hadn't gotten into an argument with the Columbus family.
He will forever be involved with the Legend of the Fountain of Youth, even though there is not evidence that he actually searched for it. Researcher's say that their is evidence of it in his memoir , but they say that is was complete waste of is time.
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