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Creative Avalanche

What really happens in a hackerspace

hadez shack

on 28 August 2010

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Transcript of Creative Avalanche

Creative Avalanche what really happens in a hackerspace can you explain to someone and I'm talking about the what happens in your hackerspace? really doesn't know about hackerspaces? who not stuff that's on Wikipedia Prerequisites Environment People similar mindset interest open-minded willing to learn & voluntary spontaneous beneficial social climate implicit ruleset synchronization ask questions, get involved success neither a requirement pace of work freely determined no fixed timeframe cozy & relaxed access to tools stuff things we've had this issue for quite some time so we started thinking here's what we came up with nor guaranteed Purpose determine the potential of a piece of technology fun learn something combine newly gained knowlege with existing knowledge to form new ideas The Creative Avalanche Process accute develop a basic approach interest information processing knowledge sharing knowledge recombination The Creative Avalanche Process a basic approach knowledge accute processing sharing knowledge information developing recombination interest distributed distributed Results & Gain instant everyone gains rapid gratification progress knowledge So, why is this special? superior to classic teacher / student model entirely voluntary interest driven Why does it work in a hackerspace... ...and not at ( work | school | ... ) ? the answer is simple the prerequisites aren't there Next steps pay attention & observe I'm certain this also happens at your space can the avalanche be encouraged to happen? yes! fulfill prerequisites hadez@shackspace.de
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