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Radiology Bytes

Part 2: Forearm and Wrist ER Radiology

Dustin Williams

on 3 April 2014

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Transcript of Radiology Bytes

Radiology Bytes
with Dustin B. Williams, M.D.
13 yo FOOSH
CC: elbow pain
Joint spaces are uniform in width
- widening may indicate injury
Approx 10 degree palmar tilt
- if not, question impacted fracture
Lunate Dislocation
Terry Thomas Sign
- 20th century English comic
- aka Madonna sign
- > 2mm scapholunate distance
- torn scapholunate ligament
- XR contralateral side
- ulnar deviation views
Triquetral fracture
- 95% carpal bone fracture involve scaphoid or triquetrum
Distal Radius Fracture
- Colle's fracture
- "dinner fork" deformity
- narrowed ulno-carpal space
- common in osteoporosis

Distal Radius Fracture
- palmar (volar) displacement
- Smith's Fracture
-Reverse Colle's
Monteggia Fracture
- ulnar fracture with radial head d/l
Galeazzi Fracture
- Radial fracture with distal ulnar d/l
Monteggia - Ulnar fx
Galeazzi - Radial fx
AIN: Flexor pollicus longus and
lat FDP. If sensory involvement
then think median nerve
- Look for associated Radial n. injury - s/t
dislocated radial head
Note: associated w median n. injury
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