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Cleopatra's Influences on Rome and Egypt

Her relationships with Julius Caesar and Marc Antony permanently impacted Ancient Rome and Egypt.

Sonia Gupta

on 16 March 2012

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Transcript of Cleopatra's Influences on Rome and Egypt

Due to her efforts, Cleopatra made Egypt wealthier and more powerful. The people of Rome hated her relationships with Caesar and Antony, and despised her. After her death, the reign of the Ptolemies ended, causing the downfall of Ancient Egypt. Caesar and Antony originally sought to benefit from the riches of Egypt, and in doing so, Rome became wealthier and more powerful, as well. HOW DID CLEOPATRA INFLUENCE LIFE IN ROME AND EGYPT? Cleopatra needed Rome's resources to make Egypt even better than it already was. She used the help of Caesar and Antony, two great, powerful Roman leaders. Thinking she was an evil temptress, Romans refused to trust her. They believed she was a bad influence on the civilization. Caesar and Antony both spent vast amounts of money on Cleopatra, buying her riches and keeping her comfort level high. The people of Rome believed that money could be spent on the civilization. Her interferences led to the deaths of Caesar and Antony, as well.

"Of all the states that fell under the influence of Rome, Marc Antony needed Egypt's resources the most." (Blackaby, Susan) "Caesar and Cleopatra may have been in love, but they were also practical and shrewd." (Streissguth, Tom) Egypt was a wealthy empire, filled with various riches. Caesar and Antony wished to use some of those to their advantage, after the relationships with Cleopatra. Believe it or not, Cleopatra had a part to play with the deaths of Julius Caesar and Marc Antony. Her hatred from the Senators led to Caesar's death. He began making rash, unwise decisions, due to the Egyptian pharaoh. The Senators, believing he was foolish, and had to be killed, murdered him on the Ides of March. As for Antony, he heard a rumor planted by Cleopatra herself, that she was dead. After hearing this, he committed suicide. -Death of Caesar -Death of Cleopatra Marc Antony Cleopatra Julius Caesar The Research Process One of Caesar's Senators was known as Octavian. Octavian hated Cleopatra, as well, and was constantly at war with Antony and Cleopatra. After the death of Antony, Cleopatra wanted to die, but Octavian would not allow it. However Cleopatra snuck in a poisonous asp, which she used to kill herself. After her death, Octavian had the rest of the Ptolemy dynasty murdered, effectively ending the reign of the pharaohs. Egypt fell to Rome. For me, the internet wasn't as helpful as encyclopedias and biographies. The internet didn't provide me with enough information, and didn't quite have what I was looking for. However, the World Book Encyclopedia, as well as "Cleopatra: Egypt's Last and Greatest Queen" and "Queen Cleopatra" helped me to gather enough accurate information about the last female pharaoh. -Roman Senate By: Sonia Gupta
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