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No description

Vicky Cortés Freeman

on 21 March 2011

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Transcript of Wikipedia

Wikipedia It is a collaboration mass media, meaning that it gives you information you have searched for. When you search on wikipedia, you get all the information you need. Sometimes the information might not be accurate or completely true, as anyone can edit the topic. technologies Wikipedia uses the internet to give information. It is accessable to anyone, and anyone can add information that has been confirmed to be true. MASS MEDIA There are wikipedia language editions. 279 Wikipedia uses one way communication, for example, even though you can edit information you would get no response or comments on that information. ONE WAY MESSAGES MEDIA TEXT + Wikipedia gives information, it helps you research objects, places, people, and a lot more. WHO CREATES THEM? The public creates the messages, so anyone can put what they want as long as it is approved by the wikipedia team. CREATIVE TECHNiQUES Wikipedia does not really use any creative techneques, as it only provides information. However a lot of people use wikipdia to find information because it is a very famous site and most people have heard about it. PUrPOSE OF WIKIPEDIA Wikipedia only has 1 and only purpose, it is an information provider done by the public. LANGUAGES AUDIENCE Everyone can use wikipedia CONSTrUCTING When adding information to wikipedia, you should make sure that all the information you choose to ad is correct. Wikipedia is managed by a non-profit parent organization. Messages are being sent to provide info to people. OWNER
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