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Business Capstone Presentation Ferris

No description

Samantha Harper

on 2 June 2015

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Transcript of Business Capstone Presentation Ferris

Mission and Strategy
"Ferris is dedicated to serving our customers with advanced and innovative design capabilities, high quality sensor products with acceptable and reasonable prices, and new but competitive products. Our primary stakeholders are bondholders, customers, stockholders and management"
Finance & Marketing
No.1 Optimism (best case and worst case)
No.2 R&D, Production department problem
No.3 Bad financial structure

What we did

improve sales forecast system
adjust the financial structure
Improving our financial structure
Marketing research
Better selling strategy
Production and Research and Development
1. Pursued the absolute ideal point blindly
- focus on the wrong criteria

2. Forecast dependent on intuition
1245 Units Sold
1032 Unit Inventory

A Question of endless dead Loop?

Tough Decision- SELL CAPACITY

Human Resources
Addressed three areas:
Complement - ensure enough workers to fulfill the production schedule and made no overtime during the years
Caliber - spend $1,000 in recruitment and maintained productivity index at 100%
Training - maintained a 20 hours of training starting from year 2018

Total Quality Management
Primarily focused on reducing material and labor costs as well as R&D cycle time

1. High costs of material
2. High labor costs
3. Wrong decision made in positioning products in the early years

What Happened?
Did not capitalise on initial market share
Products did not meet customer expectations
Emergency loans and poor credit rating
Low share price
Losing money every year except 2020

Attempted Solutions
Specialize in the traditional segment to gain market share
Removal of products to mitigate losses
Take loans in an attempt to cover losses
Reduce marketing expenditure

What We Learned
Keep up with the competition
Remain faithful to your planned strategy
Cash management is a major factor in success

Going Forward

“…a well understood statement of strategy aligns behavior within the business. It allows everyone in the organization to make individual choices that reinforce one another…”

Why Invest In us?
Re-evaluate our situation
(Collis and Rukstad 2008)
Human Resources

Our Strategy
Broad Cost Leader
JUNJIE LONG (Crystal) 17585853
MEE FONG TING (Joanne) 16530687
DAVID BALL 15496089
LIN LAN (Sunny) 17585471
Collis, D. J. and M. G. Rukstad. 2008. Can You Say What Your Strategy Is? Harvard Business Review 86(4): 82-90 (via Library e-Reserve link to Full Article)

Best Global Brands. 2014. “Previous Years: 2013.” Interbrand. Accessed June 2, http://www.bestglobalbrands.com/previous-years/2013

Gray, T. 2014. “The Greatest Business Comeback Stories of All Time.” Inc. http://www.inc.com/tim-gray/the-best-comeback-stories-ever-told.html

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