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The Alchemyst by Michael Scott

No description

beth baguley

on 6 January 2014

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Transcript of The Alchemyst by Michael Scott

Things are not always what they appear to be
Every action can be redeemed
There are consequences for all actions
The Alchemyst
by Michael Scott
Literary Connections
1. Feminism
2. Deconstructive
- Scathach
- Hekate
- Bastet, Morrigan
Sophie and Josh learn the truth
Dee takes the Codex and Pernelle
Twins and Flamel meet Scathach
They go to Hekates shadow realm
Dee is planning an attack
Attack in the shadow realm
Dee tries to persuade Josh
All go to Paris
Flamel vs. Dee
Theme: Loyalty
Motif: Irony
Setting: Afghanistan and California
Characters: Amir, Hassan and others
Devices: Dramatic Irony
Writing Style: First person
Effect: Actions can be redeemed
Theme: Sibling bonds
Motif: Betrayal
Setting: Various places in England
Characters: Lear, daughters, Gloucester, sons and others
Devices: Dramatic Irony
Writing Style: Third person
Effect: Consequences/ percussions for actions
Outside Sources
My Sister's Keeper
Theme of loyalty and sibling bonds
Kate diagnosed with leukemia
Anna seeks medical emancipation as a favour for Kate
Alice in Wonderland
Theme of growing up
Alice must adapt to new surroundings
In order to thrive, changes are made
Changes lead to growing up
Essay on Magic
Focuses on the theme of magic and humanity in The Tempest
Prospero uses his magic for good
Magic can be used for evil
Magic is accompanied by nature
Criticism on The Alchemyst
Summarizes events in the book
Writer says book is mainly about good versus evil
Including themes of loyalty and trust
Four Story Model
Satire and Irony
World with magic and mythical creatures
Theme of "poking fun at the destructive nature" of humans
Goes against stereotypes with irony
The Alchemyst has....
Various themes
Good versus Evil
Sibling bonds
Growing up
2 distinct lens
2 Literary Connections
Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini
King Lear by William Shakespeare
Satirical model
Various connections to outside sources
Movie: My Sisters Keeper
Books: Alice in Wonderland and book on psychoanalytic view on feminism
Songs: Hey Brother by Avicii and Feeling Good by Nina Simone
Critical essays: Magic in The Tempest, The changing world of Feminism, an Essay on the deconstructive lens and an Essay on The Alchemyst
Biography by Michael Scott
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