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What is symbolism and Allegory?

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Kassandra Rodriguez

on 30 August 2013

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Transcript of What is symbolism and Allegory?

One example of symbolism is this picture presented here. It contains many widely known symbols. Some of these symbols include the ying-yang, a cross, a heart and a good luck chinese character. These represent things without writing it out. Like the cross represents god and the heart represents love.
What is Symbolism?
Symbolism is something that explains something other than itself.
Authors use symbolism so they can give simple statements many layers of possibilities that a normal statement can never give.

What is symbolism?
What is Allegory?
Allegory is a lesson or moral that is hidden within the characters and plot of a story intended to teach an important lesson to the reader.

Symbols are things that stand for something other than themselves.

Why do Authors use it?
Symbolism Vs. Allegory
Authors use Allegory in there writings because they want the readers to learn a lesson. Also It's generally hard to miss the point of an allegorical writing, since the places and characters are often pointedly named for or characterized by the qualities they represent.
More Examples of symbolism
Another example would be the movie Avatar. Avatar is saving his own land and he is trying his hardest to protect it but the other avatar doesn't know he was transformed to a human being.
The hand shake can symbolize, peace, hello,goodbye etc.
When you see this you would think of Mickey Mouse because it is the symbol that stands for Mickey Mouse.
The "Three little pigs" stand for allegory because in the story each house stands for something else. The "brick pig" represents us in reality. The "straw pig" shows enjoyment in life. The "stick pig" represents a psychological middle two opposites of operating based on reality or pleasure.
The four leaf clover could symbolize good luck or leprechauns.
More examples of Allegory
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