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Harman/Mars/For Grade 3's

grade three's are learning about space

Bryce Owens

on 5 November 2012

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Transcript of Harman/Mars/For Grade 3's

Mars When I go to mars I will
hunt down mar shins and be the first human to discover
ailian life form and become famous and rich. This picture shows mars and
other things on mars To get to mars it
takes about 8 month and when you are in those 8 month you are not awake because they put you to a deep sleep like a hibernation I would get to mars in a big
rocket with a rover that's a car
and a boat if there's water. I would say that I found this
ailian in a cave with hundreds of other mar shines. Did you know that the average
distance from the sun is about 217 million km and the diameter is 6,750 km.ALso the average temperature ranges -133 celeus in winter and 27 celeus in summer. The length of year on mars is 687 earth days.The atmosphere is made of carbon dioxide and nitrogen. The 2 moons of mars are called
Phobos and Deimos. Core temperature: 1 million Celsius
Surface temperature: 5,982 Celsius
Diameter: 400, 091 km Average distance from the sun: 58 million km
Diameter: 4,878 km
Average temperature:400 Celsius in the day and
-200 Celsius at night
length of year: 88 earth days Average distance from the sun: 108 million km
Diameter: 12, 104
Average temperature: 466 Celsius
Length of year: 225 earth days Average distance from the sun: 150 million km
Diameter: 12,756
Average temperature: 15 Celsius
Length of year: 365.242 earth days
Moons: 1 Average distance from the sun: 217 million km
Diameter: 6,750 km
Average temperature: -133 Celsius in winter and
27 Celsius in summer
Length of year: 687 earth days
Moons: two-Phobos and Deimos
Average distance from the sun: 778 million km
Diameter: 142,984 km
Average temperature: -108 Celsius
Length of year: 4,329 earth days
Moons: 39 moons, inducing the large moons
Ganymede, Lo, Europa, and Callisto Average distance from the sun: 1,427 billion km
Diameter: 120,536 km
Average temperature: -139 Celsius
Length of year: 10,753 earth days
Moons: 34 moons (large moons: Atlas, Prometheus,
and Pandora
Average distance from the sun: 4.62 billion km
Diameter: 51,118 km
Average temperature: -197 Celsius
Length of year: 30,686 earth days
Moons: 27
Average distance from the sun: 4.497 billion km
Diameter: 49,528 km
Average temperature: -214 Celsius
Length of year: 60,152 earth days
Moons: 8
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