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Brazil Independance

No description

Lois Phillips

on 7 May 2010

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Transcript of Brazil Independance

Brazilian Independance September 7,1822 King Joao VI King of Portugual who ruled from Brazil 1808-1821

Dom Joao VI founded
Naval Academies
Military Hospitals
Military Archives
Botanic Gardens
Poilce Academies
Royal Libraries
The Bank of Brazil
Gunpowder Factories

These helped create a sense of National Pride and made the Brazilians and the Portuguse equal. With Napoleon's defeat in 1815, Joao VI wanted to declare Brazil a kingdom equal to Portugual. He also wished to reside there.
Dom Pedro I Government sent troops to force Joao back into Portugual leaving his 23 year old son Predro as ruler of Brazil. Pedro became the first emperor of Brazil and was crowned Dom Pedro I on December 1, 1822
. The last Portuguese soldiers were finally removed from Brazil on March 8,1824 after many small scale wars of independence in Brazil. Portugual recognized Brazil as
an independant territory on March
25 of the same year.
April 7, 1831 Pedro I left Brazil and returned to Europe leaving his 5 year old son in Brazil as the heir to the throne. His son later becomes Dom Pedro II Between Pedro I departure and Pedro II ascension to the throne Brazil was in a state of disaray. Because of this Pedro II was declared of age at 14, before he actually was, and then allowed to rule. Dom Pedro II Dom Pedro II had a very successful 58 year reign Under Pedro II rule Brazil won 3 major wars: The Platine War, the Uruguayan War, and the War of the Triple Alliance. He also abolished slavery in 1888. The monarch was overthrown on November 15, 1889 and Brazil was announced as a Republic Dylan Thompson
Lois Phillips
Chris Miller
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