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Zacharias & Hans Janssen

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sagal ali

on 19 February 2014

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Transcript of Zacharias & Hans Janssen

Zacharias & Hans Janssen

Zacharias Janssen was born from 1580 – 1588. He was born in The Hague a city located in Holland. He grew up with his sister named Sara. He was usually known to be called a “Street Seller” because of constantly getting in trouble with the local authorities. He ended up getting married on 1610 to a lady named Catharina de Haene Zacharias was known to be the inventor of the microscope and telescope. He worked fixing the eyepieces of glasses. He saw that when he put one lens in front of the other he could see things so microscopic it was unreal. Thus Zacharias Jansen founded the first microscope.

How did this help further refine/develop the cell theory?
With out Zacharias invention there would not have been a microscope which means we would not be able to see cells with out them.

By: Zakaria Ali
The Microscope
Jansens microscope had three draw tubes with lens interested into the ends of the flanking tubes. This hand-held microscope was achieved by sliding the draw tube in or out while observing the sample.

His Invention
Over the years there have been claims Zacharias Janssen invented the telescope and/or the microscope in Middelburg between 1590 and 1618. Zacharias worked for some period of his life as spectacle-maker and at one time lived next door to Middelburg spectacle maker Hans Lippershey, also claimed to have invented the telescope. Janssen's attribution to these discoveries is debatable since there is no concrete evidence as to the actual inventor, and there are a whole series of confusing and conflicting claims from the testimony of his son and fellow countrymen, in different testimony in
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