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Copy of 5G Techology

No description

Marc Lester Acunin

on 3 March 2015

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Transcript of Copy of 5G Techology

The Need for 5G technology in UTM campus
What is coming beyond 4G?
Large phone memory, dialing speed , clarity in audio and video etc].
Data bandwidth higher than 1 Gbps.
Introduce the concept of WWWW (World Wide Wireless Web).
Saving up to 90% of energy per service provided.
Real wireless world with no more limitation with access in Zone issues.
Facilitating very dense deployments of wireless communication links to connect over 7 trillion wireless devices serving over 7 billion people.
Enabling advanced user controlled privacy.
Connectivity speed higher than 25 Mbps.

Problem Statement:
4G Drawbacks
More power consumption.
Needs complex hardware.
Expensive to implement and to maintain.
No optimal choice of access technology.
Lower connectivity speed.
Lower bandwidth.
Invasion of privacy.
Satisfaction level of users on current 4G service
Of the presentation

throughout this presentation, we will discover the future 5G wireless technology which is also known as 5th Generation Mobile Technology.
Evolution from 1G
To 4G and beyond
Features of 5G
Conclusion and Reference
Future Mobile

Evolution of 1G to 5G
What is it similar to? What is it different from?
to 5G
1G is first introduced in 1980
Analog Cellular device
Data speed was 2.4KHz
It allows users to make phone
2nd Generation shifted from analog to digital cellular: TDMA & CDMA
The voice is more clear than 1G.
the data speed increased up to 64 KB/s
3nd generation is what the typical smart phones use
speed is up to 2Mb/s which is much higher than 2G
which allows video transmission
It uses packet switching technology
Evolution of 1G to 5G
What is it similar to? What is it different from?
Bandwidth is up to 200mbps which is very high speed data
4th generation has the highest bandwidth used today
It is the combination of Wi-Fi and Wi-Max
It provides high quality streaming video
5G Network Layer vs OSI Layer
Participants perception on expected future 5G service
Drawbacks of 4G technology
The traffic and speed demand of wireless technology is doubling yearly.
current 4G technology will not be capable to carry this rapid increase of data consumption.
There comes the need of more intelligent system that performs beyond the limits, which leads to the invention of 5G
5G introduces a whole new concept of multi-path data path scheme for a real wireless world, a complete wwww (World Wide Wireless Web)

5G technologies will change the way most high-bandwidth users access their phones
people will experience a level of call volume and data transmission never experienced before.
5G will create a platform that will enable mobile broadband operators to be competitive, from a price/performance perspective.
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70% users say that 5G will be more stable connection than 4G
Almost 90% claim that 5G technology will overcome the problems existing in 4G.
79% of participants agree that 5G technology will come with more than 25 Mbps connectivity speed
Only 5% of the users are happy with the current 4G service in UTM.
About 25% of the participants agreed that they are satisfied with the downloading speed.
Around 30% of them are happy with the uploading speed.
Half of the participants said that they are not sure about their privacy on the network.
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