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Thinking Skills

No description

Scarlett Simpson

on 4 January 2013

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Transcript of Thinking Skills

Scarlett Simpson, Sierra Bennett, Shelby Shilatz, Maranda Strakal The War Why We Fight What are the messages presented in
the newsreel "Why we fight"? Why We Fight? Why do you think Burnett Miller at first believed that the war was "an awful lot of baloney?" How did this attitude change later as the war progressed? Propaganda Posters Because We Talked shows the sadness and pain the war caused through death, which resulted from propaganda. Propaganda Posters Propaganda Posters Propaganda Posters In general, propaganda was used to persuade views to get Americans involved in the fight, to get citizens involved in the war, and to raise moral and nationalism inAmerica. This shaped their views like Burnett Miller, by showing that propaganda can be accurate, and positive. Propaganda Today If this type of propaganda was used today, it would be effective because of how easily society is influenced by the media. Many people are willing to believe nearly anything they read online or see on TV. Today's views are shaped strongly by the environment around us. Buy Bonds The newsreel presents the message of why the American are fighting; their reasons and logic behind the war. Americans wanted to fight for their rights, and for the rights of others to fulfill the moral standards of Americans. Burnett Miller believed the war was "an awful lot of baloney" because he thought the images presented in the propaganda were too cynical to be reality. He believed it was a training video to prepare Americans for the worst possible scenario, not realizing it was actually happening. Above and Beyond shows the unity the
war brings since everyone fights
together for a common goal. Become A Nurse instilled nationalism in Americans, particularly targeting the women of America to join up and fight for their. Women in the War Sacrificing and Rationing Wartown Emma Belle Petcher, unlike most women, joined the labor forces. While many women took secretarial jobs, she chose a job at an airplane factory. Her father instilled handy skills in her from a very young age, that allowed her to quickly excel in Mobile at the airplane plant. She was able to quickly pass the tests and start working in the labor forces. Her ability to fix household items with ease helped her to excel in the work force. Petcher already held the basic skills she needed to quickly get promoted. As women began working in factories, their morale was boosted, they had a strong sense of pride in their selves and in their country. Women gained a strong work ethic and learned the value of hard work. This was hard for the public to accept because the traditional view and role of women was starting to change. Men and more conservative women had difficulty accepting this shift. In today's society women still face discrimination in the work force when it comes to certain jobs. Posters were used to empower women
and encourage them to join the work force.
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