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No description

Manahil Ibrahim

on 7 June 2017

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Transcript of ENGLISH ISU

The Notebook

Noah's character is different when it comes to asking Allie out.
Changes how it happens, and we don't know what he's feeling.
When Allie comes back to see Noah, they realize that they've both been in love the whole time, and the first time they actually show it is different due to Noah's personality.
Summary of Novel
The notebook is a love story, told by a man to a woman at a nursing home. The story is about Noah Calhoun and Allie Nelson, two teenagers in love, but get separated because of social class. It then follows them to many years later when they realize that they've been in love the whole time.
The book portrays Noah Calhoun, the protagonist, as a calm character, whereas the movie makes him seem more outgoing, and rash, causing a difference in his actions throughout the movie.
Noah is portrayed as a quiet and shy person. When they first met at the carnival, he didn't act upon it.
However, in the movie, instead of just staying quiet and hanging out, he is more outgoing and rash.
Why is this important?
Noah's character in the book, makes you feel more connected to him and makes you feel sorry for him
Difference causes changes to plot details

The Notebook
By: Nicholas Sparks
BY: Manahil Ibrahim
When Allie comes back, to see Noah, she realizes that she loves him. They sit by a fireplace and she rests her head on his shoulders and he ends up kissing her.

He cares about the fact that she is engaged and he only kisses her when she "signals" him to.

The famous "kiss in the rain" : Noah grabs her and kisses her, before she can stop him. This happens due to his personality, because shy Noah wouldn't do that.

Clip: Shows us that he acts upon the first thing he wants, and rushes to do it.
Allie comes to the realization that she either can stay with Noah or go back with Lon and forget about Noah.
Allie decides to leave for the best. Noah wants her to stay, but when she starts to cry, he realizes that she has made her decision and let's her go.
This portrays Noah, as a quiet but caring character.
When Allie decides to leave, Noah says that its about the money, and they get into an argument, causing Allie to leave angrily.
Does not care about why she's leaving, says the first things he thinks, and rushes into it.
Noah Calhoun's character is very different causing the audience to blame him, and not feel as sorry for him as we do in the book. The audience is less connected with his character, and his personality and attitude makes him do things that change different scenes and plot, and gives you a different viewpoint.
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