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02.06 Why Budget

No description

Ahlam Alqassim

on 4 July 2014

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Transcript of 02.06 Why Budget

Spending plans.
An estimate, often itemized, of expected income and expense for a given period in the future
What is budgeting?
Why is budgeting important to your life?

I personally thought it was pretty easy. I estimated what my expenses for various things are every other day or week. I established a cash fund for those things and used that as a basis for what I can and can't afford.
Describe your experience with this process. Was it easy, difficult, or somewhere in the middle? What factors contributed to your feelings?

02.06 Why Budget

Ahlam Alqassim
After I escaped obligation, I could begin a reserve funds account. Today I don't have to utilize credit for vast buys. In the event that it was a truly expansive buy, escaping obligation has expanded my financial assessment to the point where I meet all requirements for the best premium rates, so I would simply go to my bank for an advance in the event that I required one.
I understood that I weren't planning enough cash for goods each one month, so I essentially expanded the monetary allowance incrementally every month until we began having finances left in the perishable plan every week.
I will continue to keep my budget because it keeps my spending in check and prevents me from falling back into debt.

Budgeting is important planning and forecasting process to help my self manage, and control my spending . Budgeting is simply balancing my expenses with my income, and that's why I think it's very important in my life.
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