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HRV, LT and VT

No description

Courtney Graham

on 26 April 2010

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Transcript of HRV, LT and VT

Heart rate variability as a predictor of lactate and ventilatory threshold By Francesco Worley and Courtney Graham Key Terms HRV
R-R interval
VT2 Background VT is accurate predictor of LT
both VT and LT are strong indicators of endurance performance
equipment to measure VT and LT is cumbersome, non-mobile, and invasive Cottin (2006) 11 male cyclists and triathletes
cycle ergometer incremental test
strong correlation between VT1 and HRV and VT2 and HRV Cottin (2007) 12 male professional soccer players
incremental run on 200m track
strong correlation between VT and HRV Karapetian (2008) 28 male and female untrained volunteers
incremental exercise on cycle ergometer
strong correlation between LT and HRV Brown (2009) 12 trained male cyclists
incremental exercise on cycle ergometer
strong negative correlation between Ve/VCO2 slope and HRV Conclusions HRV is an accurate, non-invasvie, and inexpensive means of predicting LT and VT
Findings beneficial to athletes and coaches
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