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5 Key Concepts in Sociology

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Jackie Smith

on 19 August 2013

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Transcript of 5 Key Concepts in Sociology

5 Key Concepts in Sociology
Social Structure
Patterns of social relationships, social positions, and numbers of people.
Social Action
People's behavior is based on meaningful understandings of what they do and is a response to, is coordinated with, or is orientated toward the actions of other people.
Functional Integration
Interdependence among parts of a social system.
The ability of one social actor to get others to do its will or to ensure that it will benefit from the actions of others.
Language, norms, values, beliefs, knowledge, symbols that make up a way of life. Understanding of how to act that people share with each other in a stable, self-reproducing group. Distinctive way of life of a nation or people.

Functional Integration
Provides national defense

Need Weapons
Makes Weapons

Needs educated Employees
Educates Students

Needs money for buildings, personnel, resources.
Provides some funding for schools.

Needs to protect people.
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