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Twitter for Educators - Connally PD

No description

Hermann Pereira

on 20 August 2013

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Transcript of Twitter for Educators - Connally PD

Twitter for Educators
By: Hermann Pereira and Mandy Conner
easy to use
highly interactive
you stay connected
you stay informed
you can network
you can do quick and effective research
How to use Twitter in as #PD
Key Twitter Terms
Can be potentially overwhelming
It limits you to 140 characters
I already Facebook and Instagram...
Why Twitter?
Twitter in 60 seconds
Twitter is not a social network. It is an informational network.
1. Go to twitter.com
Full name - email - password
2. Verify info and create a user name
Choose your user name wisely
3. Personalize your profile
Change your photo, header, location, and bio info
Bio must be 160 characters long and it shows who you are
Find: @ConnallyISD

Find people that have the same interests as you. Go to search and type in someone or something of interest to you.
In order to follow someone simply visit their page and click FOLLOW!
1. TWEET something with #CADETPD
The tweets of all the folks you follow appear with the most recent tweet at the top.
2. RETWEET - posting someones tweet on your page for your followers to see
3. FAVORITE - a way to bookmark a tweet for later
Twitter in Plain English
Educators can do all this instantly:
1. participate in real-time online professional development
2. communicate with parents
3. get updates from educational organizations
4. learn about your interests
Find an educator ex: @toddwhitaker @kevinhoneycutt @manuelscott @rggillespie
7 Ways to Be Worth Following on Twitter

1. Be Interesting (Don’t just tweet about what you had for lunch!)

2. Be Informative (Share links and other resources.)

3. Be Interactive (Spend some time on the site. Don’t just tweet and run!)

4. Be Promotional (Don’t be afraid to share the good work you’ve done.)

5. Be Personal (Respond to others and answer questions.)

6. Be Considerate (There is such thing as tweeting too much and flooding other’s Timelines. Oh, and don’t type in ALL CAPS. It’s considered YELLING!)

7. Find a Balance (Balance all of the above, and you will be a good, respectable Tweeter that others will want to follow.)
Participate in a chat. A chat is a public conversation on Twitter around a specific topic using #.
You can search #hashtags by interest
ex: #urinetown #txhsfootball #waco
You can also use #hashtags to search educational topics
ex: #teaching #txed #highschool #edtech
#mathchat Math Teachers Chat 3:30-5:00pm EST
#engchat English Teachers Chat 7-8pm EST
#sschat Social Studies Teachers Chat 7-8pm EST
#tprepchat Teacher Prep Chat 7-8pm EST
#pechat Physical Education Chat 7-8pm EST / PST
#ksed Kansas Education Chat 7:30-8:30pm CST
#4thchat Fourth Grade Teachers Chat 8-9pm EST
#flipclass Flipped Classroom Teachers 8-9pm EST
#musedchat Music Teachers Chat 8-9pm EST
#edtechchat Educational Technology Chat 8-9pm EST
#cdnedchat Canada Educator's Chat 8-9pm EST
#tlap Teaching Like a Pirate 8-9pm CST
#collabed All things collaboration 8-9pm EST
#dwpdig2 Digital Writing Project 8-9pm CST (1st/3rd Mon)
#edleadchat School Administrator and Leadership Chat 8-9pm PST

1. You find a #hashtag associated with the topic you are interest in.
2. Follow the chat. Things to remember:
some move quickly so you may use a service like Twubs.com / oneQube / Hootsuite / TweetDeck / Twitterfall. This will help organize the chat.
you can comment, retweet someone, direct message someone, and/or favorite a tweet. Lets try doing one of each today.
each chat has a moderator that will post questions ex: Q1 and when you respond you will post A1 and then your response.
You MUST add the #hashtag to stay with the chat. #CADETPDCHAT
Connally ISD Technology Professional Development Day
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