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Future technologies

No description

Ngozi Obaze

on 30 April 2010

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Transcript of Future technologies

Future Technologies Artificial Intelligence jhkxgh S Scientists are trying to create the ultimate robot: the artificial human. Scientists from the unversity of Granada, Spain, are creating artificial skin. For this experiment they are using tissular engineerimg basing on agarose- fibrin biomaterial. This experiment was tested on lab nude mice and the results showed that
there were no complications with the mice and they actually had human skin! Our Future in Medicine Morden medicine is even more powerful than ever; illnesses that can not be cured now are
almmost certain to be able to be cured in the next 20 years. Unfortunately the rapid progress of modern medicine means that there can be a dangerous threat to the health of the human body. A A team of North American collaborators from industriul centres and acadeimic institutes have shown a successful reversing of aging cells. The whole process will need to be tested again to see if this will actually work on humans butif it is successful then in a few decades time we will have an exilir of life. THANK YOU!!!
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